I found some Belgian Chocolate.

I found it in one of my drawers the other day, and this week called for chocolate. I got it in Belgium, so it’s a bit old, but it still tasted good. I just wish that Charissa, Autumn and Harmony were here to enjoy it with me.

Yep, it’s chocolate with hazelnoots in it. I love hazelnoots.

It was enjoyed while drinking a tall glass of milk and working on P’s sweater vest. Wanna see? Ok.

So, ok, you can’t see any shape to it, but that’s because it’s on needles that are too short. I need to buy a new set of circular needles that are a bit longer (but hey, I’ve knitted two adult sweaters on them and it worked ok) but it’s just hard for sizing as you go… I am loving this yarn though, it’s perfectly soft, but nice and sturdy (and kind of thick, so it knits up pretty quickly)

And, another happy bit:

My basil was having rough times not getting enough sunlight, so I hung it in the window so he could get a little sun and keep growing. We are getting a bit of sun around here, and it’s be oh-so-nice.

Also did a bit of guitar work this afternoon.
Isn’t she a beaut? Still working on building up my callouses.

And also trying to work on being able to sing and play at the same time… it gets kind of hard and I’m not very good at multi-tasking, apparently.

Happy Weekend, Everyone.

A Good Day of Thrifting

Paul and I had an awesome weekend, we stayed at a lovely hotel in Spokane, walked Riverfront Park, (If you haven’t been there, go! It’s alot of fun.) Went out to a nice dinner, caught a movie and had a nice relaxing time. However, on a Sunday there isn’t much to do, so we came back to Moscow and decided to hit up Goodwill and our local yarn store.

The brown is for another secret project for my nephew, and the dark navy blue is a sweater vest for Paul! He picked out the yarn himself! Since I am at a standstill with my sweater vest I thought I could work on one for him in the meantime. (yeah, we’ll probably be one of those ridiculous dorky families where I knit matching sweaters for the whole family for our Christmas portaits…) So I am pretty stoked about those two projects to work on until I can get my sweater vest back on track.

However, the thing I am most excited about is this chair, found at our local Goodwill for $9.

It’s obviously just a bit scrunched in there at the moment, but as we’re moving to a bigger, better place in a few months I figure it can squish in with the globe table and the terrarium table.

It’s more green and not as gold as it looks like in the pictures. But isn’t she a beaut? I am pretty excited about this chair. And it’s super comfortable!

And I also found a place to put my hearts!

A Tour of Mugs

Joining Erika in her mug-shots Friday, although I am a day late.

Although, a warning, we have alot of mugs. We drink coffee every morning and tea every evening, so 1/2 the dishes that Paul washes every day (yep, he does all the dishes!)

One of my sister-in-laws got us the mug above and below, the blond girl and brunette boy, they’re pretty cute.

I got this mug in London, I am surprised that it got back in one piece!

This mug I got at the Space Needle while walking around Seattle with Sarah Halverson, I believe in 2007. I promptly dropped it and cracked it. I tried gluing it, but it still leaks. But I like it so much that I haven’t gotten rid of it.

I got this mug from my last job, after I had worked there for a year (2007). It was kind of funny, this was for Employee Appreciation week.

Charissa and Autumn got me these (a set of two) for Paul and I. (We’re actually drinking coffee out of them as we speak. Or as I blog, I guess)

I loove these stackable mugs from World Market. Paul’s sister got them for us for our wedding and they’re just so cute that I keep them on my counter all the time. (Plus I have no cabinet space for them…)

So that was the Tour of Tong Mugs. Hope you enjoyed it!


I’ve been seeing terrariums all over the internet lately and I’ve really been wanting to make one of my own. So this evening I went to Michael’s and picked up a few things.

I think it looks rather nice next to my yarn bowl.

I had enough to make two terrariums, and I had a 40% off coupon at Michael’s, so I picked up this apothecary jar with a cool lid for only $7!
And I think this one looks nice next to the globe table.

Lots of things handmade.

Shalom update:
Done with bodice, 1/2 way through one sleeve. The sleeves are the hardest part to keep going on…you feel like you should be done already! But it’s still fun to work on.

Those crochet flower holders I was thinkin’ about making.. I tried a prototype. Turned out alright, but not quite how I wanted it.

I’ll definitly be making more, though. Hopefully for a wedding coming up this July (yipee!)

Also, been crafting a little for the besties. Although it’s a suprise and they’re not allowed to know what it is yet. But it’s knit and it’s got buttons, which automatically makes it awesome. Wanna see a sneak peak?

I love buttons.

And I decided since I had yarn all over the living room, I’d make it a bit tidier and I ended up really liking the look it made:

Sometimes I feel bad for Paul with all the knitting needles and crochet hooks I accidentally leave on the couch, just waiting for someone to sit on, and yarn trailed around the living room…

Ok. Off to do some other Saturday fun stuff.

It’s snowing!

Well, not outside, but it is in my house! Remember those snowflakes I was making last week? Well, I made a few more and decided to do something with them. You can look up crocheted snowflake patterns online, but I thought it might be more fun to just make one up. They were a little too… soft? looking, in my opinion.

Eh, who likes soggy snowflakes?

So I went to the store and picked up some Heavy Duty Laundry Starch and pinned them just so, and really laid it on thick.

Seriously, I doused these suckers with starch. And they are the better for it. Trust me.

A view from the living room into the kitchen

From the kitchen into the living room (don’t mind the pine needles on the carpet, or the pillows/blankets stacked high in the chair… it’s COLD here, we need those blankets it we stop moving!)

I don’t really have any decorations in any other rooms but the living room, so it kind of makes it feel like more of the house is decorated this way.

And by the way, the Shalom Sweater is coming along very nicely.

The hard part is done, now it’s just knitting straight rows and purling straight rows. I am glad that the triple yoke is done.

Tomorrow is our six month anniversary and I can’t even believe it! SIX months we’ve been together here in Moscow.

It’s been an awesome six months, and I can’t wait for the next sixty years.

Merry Christmas!

Brr and yikes.

It’s cold here. I mean, really cold here. Like, possibly in the negative degrees this week. Today it was 7. Yes, 7 degrees. Brr! We woke up to a pretty thick sheet of ice INSIDE the windows.

Ok, so it’s kind of pretty, but really? INSIDE?

The First Tong Christmas

I wasn’t about to let some stupid shoulder injury keep me from decorating for Christmas, so today Paul and I went all out and got the house decorated (and kind of torn apart in the process. We’re purging some of our bigger items and made room for a Christmas tree (although it’s a tiny one)

Even the wheel got some Christmas Lovin’

Our very first Christmas tree!

A few of my favorite ornaments

I also made a few crochet snowflakes, and I’m planning on making a garland to hang between the kitchen and the living room.

I think I am going to block them and starch them so that they hang a bit nicer and not as bunchy. But we’ll see if I get around to it. I only have 3 done so far, but they are pretty quick and easy.

Merry Christmas!

Productive Saturday

Dishes are done, bed is made, cactus is repotted, house is clean and also I got this nice little shelf up! It was a dingy white color, I painted it green and hung it up this afternoon!

shelf 001

*and that’s my wedding bouquet hanging in the upper right corner!