Photo Friday.

Just a few snapshots from around the house today. It’s quiet in here right now, Sam is down for his afternoon nap, I’m sitting drinking some coffee, and the house is mostly clean.








DSC_0126 I’m trying to take advantage of the quiet that nap time brings, knowing full well that in 80 days (give or take a few) we’ll have another little person around here who probably won’t be napping at the same time and my free-time will be significantly shorter than it is now.

I’m feeling mostly prepared. She has some clothing, a bed, diapers, swaddling blankets, so I guess we’re just about set. We still have all of Sam’s newborn stuff in the garage (swing, toys, etc) and I’ve been working on a few sweaters, since it’ll still be fairly chilly upon her arrival, but I am ready to do this thing! Sleep is becoming difficult, tossing and turning a lot at night trying to find a comfortable position, but she is really active from about 4-6am.

But since the house is so nice and quiet for now, I think I’ll lay myself down and see if I can sneak in a little catnap, while the sun is streaming in through the windows!


Apple Picking

This past weekend we went apple picking with some good friends. Sam wasn’t terribly interested in the apples, but was pretty much in love with the tractors.







DSC_0080 DSC_0055

DSC_0046 DSC_0042


We’re planning on making some apple butter with the delicious apples we picked, and maybe some fruit leather as well, if we have enough apples! And, my sisters and niece and nephew are coming out tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited to see them! We’re planning trips to the Farmers Market, seeing the Homecoming parade downtown and a few other fun things. I can’t wait to see them, and I love how much fun Sam has with his cousins.

And happy HAPPY news, I’ve made it to 12 weeks with this little TizzyTong! I am thrilled. I got to hear the heartbeat yesterday at my midwife appointment, and all is looking great. We are beyond thrilled that we’ve made it this far, and praying for a healthy and full-term pregnancy!


A few girlfriends and I got together and did some tie-dying!







A few onesies for Sam-


a tshirt for me!


A scarf (Not tie-dyed, just dyed! It was white linen)


And a few kitchen towels.


It’s so much fun- we had a blast and I am pretty sure I have an addiction to tie-dying now!



Spokane Trip

We went on a day trip to Spokane to see Paul’s sister Carrie off as she was leaving for Ohio. We went up a little early so we could hang out at the park and have some fun. We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather! Sam was very insistent about walking the majority of the time.



This was the face he made every time we made him go in the stroller.



Yes. He has a pink stroller. It was on sale. It is awesome! (It’s a Baby Jogger.)






Sam loves to pretend to talk on cell phones. It’s a great trick to get him to wait for our food to come.

On the drive up we got to see the new windmill things pretty up close! They’re ginormous.


On the way home we followed the GPS…it lead us a different way than we normally would have gone, because we didnt know how to get out of the neighborhood we were in..well, it ended up taking us back roads for half the way and it was terrifying. Dirt and gravel roads in the middle of Idaho in the winter at 10pm, not seeing another car for 30 minutes, we were both worried because we had no idea where we were, then suddenly after an hour of backroads we finally got onto the ‘real’ highway and were still over an hour from home! It was a good thing Sam was so tuckered out from a long day of playing and walking so he slept the ENTIRE time. I had a stomach ache by the time we got home because I was so worried we’d end up in a ditch somewhere with no cell reception and we’d only had our new van for a few weeks and weren’t super familiar with it yet, but hallelujah we made it home in one piece and still alive! And now we know not to follow the GPS trying to get out of Spokane Valley…



Fox Hat, Take 2

So I thought I had a better idea for a fox hat, but I’m not liking this one as much as I thought I would.



I think the eyes need to be lower. It does look a bit better on a head, but I made it too small for Sam- rookie mistake. I’ll try for round three and see what happens.

Also, I dyed my hair platinum. It was time for a change, and while I liked the red, it was time to go blonde again!

DSC_0314That was about 30 takes of trying to get a good St. Patrick’s Day Picture. That was the best shot. Oh well. We are happy . And Sam is enthralled with blonde hair.



Also, it’s spring and currently snowing. Awesome.



Bad week to be my car…

So, long story short, I crashed my van last night. Slid on some ice into oncoming traffic and hit a Ford F-250 head on. I was the only one in my car, and the person I hit was completely unharmed and walked away fine. I spent the evening at the hospital being x-ray’d because my hand was pretty badly swollen and I had a lot of swelling in my legs and some bad bruises. Turns out, no fractures (yay!) and just some deep bone bruises on both of my shins, my left hip, my left forearm and a bad sprain of my left hand and pinky finger. I am on “light duty” for now (ie no picking up Sam until Monday at the earliest) and trying to lay low until I have to go back to work on Monday.

car 004


car 003

car 005

My beautiful new van is completely totaled. But I guess we know where our tax return is going to… But I am in pretty sad shape right now, pretty banged up and lots of bad bruises, but after seeing the car (and the bank that I slide down) I am very lucky to be walking right now. If the car had gone another two feet farther down I would have been underwater in a lake!

Then later this evening Paul’s window broke in his car, so now we have two undriveable cars (mine is already at the scrap yard now) and we dont know when we can get that fixed..hopefully this week. But that was just the cherry on the top of today.

But we have been so blessed already, we’ve had lots of people bringing meals and even some fun little visitors today who helped out with Sam since I couldn’t lift him. Jessi and Carlie came over with their little ones and changed diapers, dressed Sam, made us both food and cleaned my house for me! Doesn’t get much better than that, being waited on hand and foot! So now I am just relaxing and resting and having a Harry Potter Marathon with Paul. Couldnt think of a better way to spend my weekend anyhow!


My hair, my boys and some slippers, oh and one more thing….

So I decided to dye my hair red for Christmas. It took three tries to get it actually red, apparently my hair is stubborn or something.

xmas 023

Also, Paul let me sleep in this morning (UNTIL 9AM! Woo!) And when I woke up I came out into the living room to this.

xmas 007

xmas 008

Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your life? I’m pretty sure it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I like these boys.

Also, Sam is pretty darn good at roadtripping (We just got back from Tacoma on Saturday night)

HAIR 067

I love how he crosses his legs in his carseat. I am biased, I know, but come on, how cute is he? He also got an awesome table from Grandpa and Grandma and Aunt Carrie for Christmas and it’s pretty much his favorite thing.

xmasstocking 046

He likes to push it up against the piano and play some tunes for us. Usually while wiggling his booty in the air.

xmasstocking 037

And some Christmas knits, as promised! I made felted slippers for all of Paul’s sisters!

HAIR 037

HAIR 036

HAIR 029

HAIR 028

HAIR 027

HAIR 016

And, drumroll, please….. I’ve got a job! A full time one, at that, starting on Monday morning, so I’m going to have to take a break from custom knitting, at least until I get my footing with my new job.  I’m sad, but I know that it’ll be a big relief for me to not have to worry about knitting deadlines while working full time and trying to be a good mother and wife. I’ll be sure to let you know once I am ready to take on more knitting projects for other people, but for now I think I’m just going to have to cut cold-turkey! I’ll still be knitting for myself and for Sam, so Knittybutton will (hopefully) still stay somewhat relevant!

I’m really excited about this new step in our lives and hoping it will be good for everyone and that the transition won’t be too hard on Sam. He hasn’t been with babysitters much, so this will be a bit of a new thing for Sam. But he is pretty good at adapting, so I’m sure he’ll be great getting to hang out with his buddy all day.  But not gonna lie, I’m a bit nervous! I haven’t worked a ‘real job’ since I was pregnant with Sam, so this could be interesting, but I’ll be glad to have insurance again after a long time without it!

And I’m sure this will make my New Years Resolutions a bit harder (be better about meal planning and cutting out processed foods). Although, come to think of it, maybe not sitting around the house all day will make my constant snacking habit easier to kick!

Any New Year Resolutions on your end?








It’s fall. And it’s cold. And we’ve got gourds and pumpkins decorating the living room. I love fall decor! And I also love our new (to us) blue piano.

We just got back from Tacoma last night. My dad, Erika and I worked out a surprise for my mom and we managed to pull it off! It’s not easy keeping secrets from my mother! We had a great surprise birthday party for her, thrown by my dad and my aunts and we all had a blast being able to celebrate her 50th together!

Quick note, if you’d like to place a Christmas order, please do so soon. I have limited space this year due to some large custom orders- so I may run out of room sooner than normal.



Family Pictures

We had our family pictures taken last weekend. Sam was a bit of a grump, but we managed to get several decent ones.


Thanks, Laureas for giving us some great family shots!

Fall and Leaves

The weather has been stunning so far this fall, clear blue sky and multicolored leaves falling onto our yellow grass. Sam loves to run around in the leaves.


He kept using the pumpkin like a pacifier. A little bit big for that, buddy.

We’ve really been enjoying the cooler weather and be able to play outside at the park without getting sunburns or heatstroke. Also happy to note that we are all healthy again after a nasty bout with the stomach bug, which we unfortunately passed on to Charissa who got to come visit us! And nothing ruins a fun weekend like the stomach flu. Luckily it was a 24 hr bug, so besides having the flu-hangover for a few days afterwards we were back to normal within a day. Sam didn’t get it, which is great- but it’s so hard chasing after a kid who is intent on scaling the walls while you have your head in the toilet.

Yeah, we had to take this toy out of rotation because he kept climbing on it and trying to jump off!

He also likes to be my workout buddy. He loves my 1lb weights.

He’s also started fake laughing, which is HILARIOUS. He feels left out when we’re laughing and he’s not in on the joke, so he chimes in with his “Ha ha!” I love it, and it just makes us laugh even harder. He is such a ham.

As far as knitting goes: ONE MORE Sock Monkey and I am done! Whew. Then to start on my Christmas orders! I will be happy to not knit another Sock Monkey until next Halloween…. Im just hoping people order them sooner rather than waiting until mid September to ask about them! But I’m not complaining- I am so glad to have work and an opportunity to get my knits out there.

Also- for any locals- there are some of my hand knit baby hats now at Hansel and Gretel downtown!