Sam, The Ham.

Sam has been really entertaining lately. He is a goldmine of funny faces and hilariously timed “AMEN!”s and “Oopsie!”s. The other day after a bath he was really hamming it up for the camera.













It’s fall. And it’s cold. And we’ve got gourds and pumpkins decorating the living room. I love fall decor! And I also love our new (to us) blue piano.

We just got back from Tacoma last night. My dad, Erika and I worked out a surprise for my mom and we managed to pull it off! It’s not easy keeping secrets from my mother! We had a great surprise birthday party for her, thrown by my dad and my aunts and we all had a blast being able to celebrate her 50th together!

Quick note, if you’d like to place a Christmas order, please do so soon. I have limited space this year due to some large custom orders- so I may run out of room sooner than normal.



Happy 4th of July!

We had aΒ thoroughly enjoyable Independence Day!

Sam and I broke out our matching outfits, including some red shoes!

We went out with some friends and ate a lot of dessert and watched some great fireworks. It was a lot of fun, even though Sam was not a huge fan of the fireworks. But once I got him in the MobyWrap and snuggled tight he was fine.

I forgot to get any pictures while we were hanging out with friends, but you know it’s a good time when you look at your phone and you realize nearly three hours have passed!

Thanks for the invite and party, Abra! We had a great time.

Hanging out

Nothing too exciting to show you all, we’re just hanging out in Tacoma- keeping busy- seeing family, friends and getting lots of knitting done while there are plenty of willing hands to play with Sam.

Here’s just a few snapshots of our week:

Infinity Scarf

I’ve been really into chunky knits lately…. half of my Pinterest account is chunky knits, lately. So when I got an order for a Black Infinity scarf and the woman who ordered it let me have a little creative freedom I thought for sure I wanted to do a chunky knit.

So here are some very bad self portrait pictures of my extremely pale face.

But this is an extremely warm scarf. I think once I catch up on my orders I might need to make myself one!

Alright- back to the grind (The grind being more knitting!)

Chocolate Guinness Espresso Cake

I made a cake. And it was delicious.

It was my first time making a ganache frosting and it turned out pretty well, in my very humble opinion.

I made it for a church dinner that we attended last Friday night. The grandparents watched Sam so we could have some grownup time, and it was nice to get a little bit dressed up and eat dinner without bouncing a baby on my knee! But Sam did get to help make the cake, too, so he didn’t feel too left out.

Christmas Decor

We’ve got all the Christmas decorations up now!

We’ve got the perfect little 3 foot tree! It’s quite adorable!

“The stockings were hung from the ship’s wheel with care…” Pretty sure that’s not how the words go, but hey, we don’t have a mantel!

But here are our real stockings-

Sam really likes Christmas lights. We can set him in his bouncy chair in front of the tree for several minutes before he gets bored!

Well, he thinks it’s fun and then all the sudden I get this face staring up at me:

Then we find a new activity. Like sleeping!

Have you guys all decorated for Christmas? I just love how good the house smells with this tree up! Yum!

Month 1

So, I want to do a monthly photo of Sam, in the same spot, wearing the same thing do document his growth and whatnot. I am not quite as dedicated as some (like Paula, for example, doing one EVERY WEEK! I’m impressed.) But what I need from you guys is some opinions on where I should do these pictures. So, I took several today and you should weigh in and let me know which ones you think I should pick.

Option 1:
In the crib, with his bear.

Option 2:
In his crib, without the bear, sitting up

Option 3:
In the floral rocking chair

Option 4:
On the green couch

Option 5:
On the green couch, against crocheted pillow

So, you should leave a comment letting me know which of these 5 options you think I should choose. I am leaning towards the first one, I think it’ll show more how he’s grown compared to the bear, but I also like the simpler looks, too, so, I just really don’t know, so help a girl out. You guys are always so good at giving advice.

Baby Shower!

When I was in Tacoma my lovely cousin Sarah threw me a baby shower. For those of you who don’t know, Sarah is a master party planner. Seriously, she can throw a party like nobody’s business. She did an amazing job and we had such a good time!

She added just the cutest little details!

Notice the cute handsewn elephants hanging all over? She made them as party favors and everyone got to take one home and she made me a mobile with them as well! So adorable!

Me and my highschool besties! (R-L: Hilary, Me, Autumn, Charissa)


And yummy, yummy food!

Togglebuttons and I were supremely blessed by gifts. I can’t wait to decorate the nursery with all of my new presents!