Month 1

So, I want to do a monthly photo of Sam, in the same spot, wearing the same thing do document his growth and whatnot. I am not quite as dedicated as some (like Paula, for example, doing one EVERY WEEK! I’m impressed.) But what I need from you guys is some opinions on where I should do these pictures. So, I took several today and you should weigh in and let me know which ones you think I should pick.

Option 1:
In the crib, with his bear.

Option 2:
In his crib, without the bear, sitting up

Option 3:
In the floral rocking chair

Option 4:
On the green couch

Option 5:
On the green couch, against crocheted pillow

So, you should leave a comment letting me know which of these 5 options you think I should choose. I am leaning towards the first one, I think it’ll show more how he’s grown compared to the bear, but I also like the simpler looks, too, so, I just really don’t know, so help a girl out. You guys are always so good at giving advice.


22 thoughts on “Month 1

  1. He is so stinkin’ cute! I like the one with the bear. As he gets bigger, you could always show him holding the bear to show how much he’s grown.

  2. I agree with the bear since it is something that will compare with his size and you will see his size changing next to it

  3. I think on the green couch because there would be not distraction of Sam with the solid background,,,, but you could add the teddy bear to the picture with him.l,,.,,

    Although he is definitely cute enough not to have any toys with him,,, I have so enjoyed all the pictures of him…that one will not be enough….

  4. I like the one with the bear the best. I had a friend who did an amazing job taking monthly pictures of her little guy. She put him in the same chair each month surrounded by stuffed animals that were striped and then she put him in a different striped outfit each month. It was such a cute idea. I really wish that would have been that creative when my kids were that little. It was so neat to see not only which striped outfit that she was going to put on him but also how big he was getting compared to the stuffed animals. Your little guy is so cute that he will look good in whichever pose that you decide!!!! 🙂

  5. I like the one with the crocheted pillow! Reasons—it’s something of Mommy’s (pattern/skills may also change over time, keep the form), and will be easy to wash/transport/adapt to any place, unlike his crib, which before you know it, he’ll be out of!
    Whatever you do, I LOVE your blog, and Sam’s pics are just icing on this cake!

  6. I love option 2. Then we can gague his growth by the way his head rises on the side of the crib. He is the cutest baby! I love your blog!

  7. I’d go with the bear. A friend of mind did something similar with her daughter, and it was amazing to see the growth of her next to the same object.

  8. I vote with the bear, on the green couch (sounds like Clue…). I also saw a set with the baby in the laundry basket each month on pinterest that was cute: The main thing is to have something the same size for comparison. That’s partly why I like my sister photos, because you can really see how B compares to C. 🙂

  9. i like either the first with the bear (like you said, compares him to the bear) or the last with the pillow (again compares size to pillow and the pillow has horizontal lines which would make even more of an accurate comparison). something to consider, my one friend did this also, but she used the letter/number blocks to spell out the age. some she took some with the name too and some without. for example “SAM 1 MONTH” .. very cute and it helps document it even more…. just an idea…

    ps he is TOO adorable! congrats! enjoy him while he’s tiny!!! too soon he’ll be running around, getting into everything and talking back to you…. ENJOY!!

  10. I like the bear. But it’d be easy enough to recreate more than one of these photos each month. You’ve got an adorable little guy, there, take lots of pics! 🙂

  11. If it’s a special bear, maybe. That’s the one that Paul’s mom got him, right? I personally didn’t want anything in the picture with Ezra because I didn’t want a distraction from him or for him, I didn’t want some “silly old, random toy” that I chose for him to be in there… I also didn’t want to do furniture because if we moved/got rid of it, what would I do for a photo? But I didn’t want to have to keep a couch just for a monthly photo shoot. And if I started a big project, I wanted to keep it consistent. So I’ve been doing white onesie on the quilt Mom made for him. I like it a lot so far…

  12. I like the bear. It will let you see how the bears gets smaller as he gets bigger. He’s a sweet little guy no matter where you take the pictures. Enjoy!!

  13. My vote is for the bear. I wanted to do these pics with Caleb but we didn’t have any stuffed animals that were bigger than he was–at any time. 😦

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