Heathered Blue Sweater

So. I’ve actually got something crafty to show you today.

It’s going to be a sweater for one of our friends precious daughters. It’s only like 6 months late… but hey, babies don’t need sweaters so much in the summertime, so I guess it’s right on time.

It’s knit in Cascade 220 Heathers Wool. And I love it. It’s got such a niceย variegatedย color, with soft purple undertones. It’s really lovely stuff.

I am just using a really watered down version of this sweater pattern. And when I say watered down, I really mean it. I’m really just doing one cable up the side and around the hood. Jury is still out on what we are going to do for the back, but it’ll be simple. This yarn is so pretty that I am just going to let it speak for itself.

3 thoughts on “Heathered Blue Sweater

  1. this will be a beautiful little sweater. It’s a lovely color and I like the simplicity of it with the special touch of the cable. Where could I find the pattern you used originally (togglebuttons cable sweater)? I did not see it in your pattern links. I would probably do the simpler version you show here.

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