Lil Sleeper

Sam has decided that his preferred sleeping position is on my chest, sitting upright. He doesn’t really like to be held like a baby, (like a cradle hold) he wants his head up!

I don’t mind, really, because I like snuggling this little baby. Here’s what he looks like from my viewpoint.

And plus, it’s been super chilly around here the last few days, so having a little babe on your chest makes you nice and toasty! Plus, I’ve been having some really bad sciatic pain, so I haven’t wanted to do much other than sit on the couch anyway. (I have a ridiculous limp right now, it looks so stupid) I saw the doctor today and he thinks it was injured during childbirth (yikes) and then further aggravated by carrying around a baby in his carseat… Unfortunately my doctor can’t get me in for an adjustment until after my trip to see my family (I leave on Saturday!) so I am kind of bummed about that, and just hoping that it gets better soon!


5 thoughts on “Lil Sleeper

  1. Hope you feel better soon. T liked to lay on my chest like that too at that age, I think it was cause they could hear the heartbeat and since they were used to it in the womb it still calms them down outside the womb. But hey what parent doesn’t love cuddle time with their kid(s)? Have fun and be safe on your trip!

  2. Be careful of those carseats! I have heard of several people lately who did REAL damage to their back lugging those around. Like, invasive surgery damage. I didn’t realize ’til after baby #3 that it was SO MUCH Easier and Lighter to take said tiny one OUT of the carseat when we arrived at our destinations. I have seen folks heaving a child as old as a year in those things with painful expressions. Not sure why?
    Plus before you know it they won’t want to be held much and then you will be sad that you left him in there.
    That’s my 2 cents anyway.=}

  3. Bree is right. Babies don’t stay little very long, hold him in your arms or your wrap as often as you can! We weren’t made to lug around buckets of baby! 😉 I hope you sciatic stops bothering you soon. Pain is no fun.

  4. Thanks ladies! I try not to carry him in the carseat whenever possible, but unfortunately getting out to the car is kind of a hike, I wish we could park a little closer to our apartment and not have to deal with stairs! We do the Moby if I’ll be carrying him for any extended period of time and whenever Paul is with me (church, etc) he carries the carseat. I can’t believe how heavy those things are! Plus Sam isn’t exactly dainty these days, he’s packin’ on the pounds!

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