Product Prices

So, you want your very own, hand knit, Knittybutton piece? I offer handknit goods at very reasonable prices. Please note that these are all knit to order, so waiting time can vary.

Please note that these are all just suggestions, and if you have a specific style or pattern you would like I’d be more than happy to give it a whirl. Also- you can request any of the patterns in any color or color combination! Prices are below, and pictures (to give you some more ideas) are below the prices. Please note, these do not include shipping. Shipping is priced individually by item.

To order please email me at and let me know what you would like, your color specifications, and size and I will make you a custom listing on my Etsy page.

Adult hats: $35
Scarves: $50
Baby Hats: $30
Baby Sweaters: $60
Misc. Toys: $25
Headbands: $20
Stockings: $65 (One color, cabled)
Multi Colored Stockings $110 (Choice of name, snowflakes, animals, etc)
Nativity: $50
Sock Monkey Costume: $200 (depending on size- 200 is for newborn size, a $10 charge is added for each 6 month increment of age)
Baby Blankets: $100

Adult Hats $35 USD
Lemongrass Hat:

Lemon Curd slouch:

Goldenseal Root Hat:

Bobbles Bonnet:

Slouchy Shade Hat:


Scarves $50 USD

Lemon Curd Scarf:

Diagonali Scarf:

Plushy Scarf:


Baby Hats $30 USD

Double Pompom Hat:

Monkey Hat:

Viking/Vandal Helmet:

Ruffled Baby Hat:

Checkered Poms:

Checkered Poms:

Basic Cap

Little Bear Hat w/ ear flaps

Little Bear hat w/o ear flaps


Baby Sweaters $60 USD

Raglan Shoulder Button Sweater:

Little Bean Sweater:

Cabled Complex Sweater:


Miscellaneous Toys $25 USD


Headbands  $20 USD


Christmas Stockings $60-$110 USD

xmasstocking 007

Multi Colored Stockings ($110 USD)
stockings 048


Christmas Nativity $50 USD  (Includes Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Lamb- Wooden set not included)


Sock Monkey Outfit (Starting at $200 USD) (Hat, Sweater, Pants)


Baby Blanket $100 USD (Baby not included)

You can also order things on my Etsy Page, there are a few items there that are ready to ship!


10 thoughts on “Product Prices

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  2. Found you through babycenter, love you stuff..I want all of it! Wish i was that talented, really awesome stuff. I will be ordering from you soon!

  3. Hi, Lexi this is “Tyedyed” from your September birth group on Baby Center. I love your work! I knit also, but I’m just a beginner. I’ve knitted pillows, hats, scarves, and baby toys (I usually knit at least one toy for every expecting mom in my family). I really like the sock monkey outfit. I’d love to order one for Halloween (that’s 6 months away and my baby would be over a year by then) Can you make them for bigger babies like a 1 year old? Also, how long would it take you to make it?

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