Persephone’s Clara Dress

I know, I know. No excuses for my nine month absence from blogging, life simply got away from me. In case you hadn’t heard, we’re expecting another baby this winter! (Due February 2nd!) And I’ve been knitting lots and lots, custom orders still going strong! (Email me at if you’re in need of any special orders for Christmas let me know soon!)

Anyhow, my friend Laureas took some amazing pictures of our family tonight and I made the Clara dress for Effie to wear for our annual fall photos.





I’m going to attempt to be more consistent about blogging from here on out, I’ve got a pretty good backlog of knits to show you. But I’ve been very active on Instagram, so feel free to follow me over there if you’re not already doing so!

And, as always, contact me if you’re interested in any Christmas orders, as I’ll need to get started on them sooner rather than later! Here’s a list of products and prices, although I’m always willing to do custom orders, so if you don’t see something you want, let me know. Also, things are available on my Etsy shop.

Thanks for sticking with me, Knittybutton readers!


3 thoughts on “Persephone’s Clara Dress

  1. Ah I’ve missed your blog! The dress is so sweet and I love it paired with those mocs. And you are positively glowing! Miss you and your sweet babes! -kissa

  2. Wow! Ali’s back! I have often wondered what happened but did think maybe you were just very busy with the two little people. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  3. Congrats on your future arrival! I was wondering where you were & hoping that was everything was OK & you were just busy with the kids & life. That dress is beautiful as is the the model. Is the dress a pattern of yours? Good to have you back.

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