September = Sock Monkeys!

I’ve been busy plugging away at my Sock Monkey costumes (Which are sold OUT! Woo!) and my kids have been busy learning new tricks. Like Effie can now sit up! This is very exciting for her- and she is thrilled to bits about it!’
PicMonkey Collage


She also got the opportunity to model a party hat at Sam’s third birthday party!

DSC_0045 (1)

Sam wanted to try on the Sock monkey costume that was being mailed out this week, but once I got it on him he got a little sullen and decided that maybe it wasn’t as fun as he thought. I think it looks good on him, though!


Effie got to ride in the back of a dump-truck. She loves being included in whatever Sam is doing, and that’s usually building things with his Duplos and hauling still around in the back of his dump truck. Sam got a HUGE container of Duplos for his birthday from his cousins Josie and Ezra and pretty much for the last 2.5 weeks he hasn’t wanted to play with anything other than those- it’s been amazing for his independence. He will sit and play with those blocks for HOURS every day- which means I get to knit whenever Effie is napping or playing with her big brother!DSC_0094



He calls this Mater’s “Pirate hat”. I think it’s awesome and very clever!



Effie hasn’t been sleeping well (Thank you, four-month-sleep-regression!) So we’ve been doing a lot of coffee. Since it is starting to cool down, naturally I’ve been making myself some pumpkin spice lattes!



And also because she hasn’t been sleeping well she’s been spending tons of time in the wrap on my back (Which I FINALLY figured out, thanks to some kind friends) and she’ll happily talk and jabber and pull my hair for a few hours up there, which is great when the dishes need to be done or dinner needs to be cooked and she isn’t happy about being left on the floor!



Sometimes being the baby means getting laundry baskets put on top of you. Life is rough for the baby, you know?



But in other news, I just had a photo shoot this morning with Anselm Photography (Wonderful woman and amazing eye for pictures!) to get some professional shots of the sock monkey costumes and mermaid costumes! We had a very tiny, very new little squish model the mermaid costume for us and it is BEYOND cute. I can’t wait to see the finished images!


Custom Orders

Just a reminder, I have opened back up my Etsy shop and am also taking custom orders again! I know July isn’t ideal time for knitted things, but fall is coming soon.

Also, I do have a fun selection of Halloween costumes to choose from (Mermaids, sock monkeys, lion hats, Angry Birds hats, etc) so if you’ve been wanting one of those, place your order soon!

And, like always, if you have something in mind and don’t see it here on the blog or on the Etsy store, please let me know and I am sure we can work something out. I love doing custom orders!

photo (14)

Pink Sock Monkey

I got the opportunity to use a sweet little Ellie model for my pink sock monkey. Isn’t she just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?


She was so smiley and obliging, except when we tried to get the costume on her, but once she realized how awesome she looked, she couldn’t help but smile.

3 2 1


Many thanks to her sweet mama, Rachel, for lending her out for a photo-shoot in the park on a chilly fall day.

I’m down to the 2nd to last sock monkey before Halloween, almost done with it, then just ONE MORE TO DO! Whew.


Jaiden’s Birthday Sweater

I made a WSU colored sweater for my sweet little friend Jaiden for her 2nd birthday.



I completely managed to forget to take pictures of it until I was wrapping it, so the photos are not very good. But it’s just grey and crimson- a fun stripey sweater for the fall.

Also, a fun picture for you- Paul and I went to a fun 20’s themed birthday party and got to get all dressed up! I didn’t manage to get a picture of us together, but here is one of me from the party:





Cougar Hat!

I’ve already shown some Vandal Pride with my pattern for the Baby Vandal Helmet, so I guess it was time to show some WSU Coug pride around here as well. I do love how much school spirit there is in these towns of ours! And working in Pullman this past year I’ve definitely seen a lot of Coug Pride! For my sweet little friend Jaiden for her 2nd birthday she is getting her own Coug Hat!




coughat4This last picture of Sam has me rolling on the floor. I told him to say Cheese! And he took that to mean I was giving him some cheese, and he got really excited about the prospect of getting cheese. I couldn’t very well not give him a cheese stick after that, now could I? Could you say no to that face?


Little Crafting

I don’t often do crafting that’s not knitting or crochet, but occasionally I break out the glue gun and feel like getting burned.

yarn 009

So I made a few little trees. The two smaller ones are wrapped in yarn and the bigger one was wrapped in some lace trimmings.

yarn 010

I’m not thrilled with the top of the bigger one. I didn’t do a good job of gluing the cardboard together so it ended up being gappy at the top, so I stuck a pompom on top of it, but it looks a little silly. Any suggestions? I think I’ll make some more later on in the week. Today I’m nursing a cold and trying to keep my house in somewhat of an order since my toddler is finding mama on the couch to be the perfect opportunity to destroy the house and dump every bucket of toys that he has.

I am spacing out majorly today, I tried to make myself some little coffee treat, but after cleaning my espresso maker I didn’t reattach the pressure valve right and I came back into the kitchen to coffee spraying everywhere.

yarn 006

Well, the ceiling needed a good scrubbing anyway, I suppose.




Scalloped Cowl

For my mothers 50th birthday I made her this scalloped cowl out of some 100% wool sport weight yarn.

I think I may need to make one for myself because I love, love, loved it.


Yesterday afternoon I took Sam downtown to “trick or treat” with some friends. He wasn’t really into it, but mama got some candy! And then last night we got invited to go see a show by Hey Marseilles and SeaWolf! It was so much fun to be able to catch up with Jacob (who I went to high school with and is in the band Hey Marseilles!) and get out on a date with Paul on Halloween. We didn’t dress up, but we really should have.



Beatrice the Ballerina

I am incredibly proud of this. I made a monkey ballerina, and I am SO excited to show this to you guys! Paul set up the photo shoot and took pictures of it for me.

Guys, I am so proud of this little ballerina. I am so sad that she is leaving the house tomorrow to her new owner.

Giveaway! *CLOSED*

Since Knittybutton got over 100 “Likes” on Facebook we are doing a giveaway to celebrate!

You can win your very own Pompom baby hat!

So you know the rules- you can enter by:

1. Leaving a comment on this post stating whether you would like the boy version or girl version (Or unisex!)
2. Putting a link to it on your blog
3. Putting a link onto your Facebook
4. Tweet about it, leaving a link to this post (make sure to tag #knittybutton!)

So, you’ve got 4 chances to get entries into this Giveaway! It will be open until Tuesday, April 10th  at 6:00pm! This is an international giveaway (I’ve had a few people ask on prior giveaways) and I’d be happy to ship this anywhere in the world for you!

But remember, if you put it on your blog, please leave a second SEPARATE (or third, or fourth!) comment letting me know you’ve done so, so you can get your second (or third, or fourth!) entry. If you don’t leave another you WON’T get your second (or third, or forth!) entry, so make sure to do that!

Retro Style

So, a few weeks back I found this really cool retro/mod dress at The Storm Cellar. I really, really love it.

And Paul had made Amaretto Sours after church, so it just went really well with the whole ensemble.

I rarely find retro/vintage dresses in my size, so it was quite a find for me!

Also, I have a question for you knitter/seamstresses/crocheters, etc out there. I’d like to have some tags for my handknit things, (Something similar to what Vicki over at Dover & Madden uses) but I want them to have Knittybutton on them. Any of you ever used an online place to order them? I’d love to use one that someone out there could recommend.