September = Sock Monkeys!

I’ve been busy plugging away at my Sock Monkey costumes (Which are sold OUT! Woo!) and my kids have been busy learning new tricks. Like Effie can now sit up! This is very exciting for her- and she is thrilled to bits about it!’
PicMonkey Collage


She also got the opportunity to model a party hat at Sam’s third birthday party!

DSC_0045 (1)

Sam wanted to try on the Sock monkey costume that was being mailed out this week, but once I got it on him he got a little sullen and decided that maybe it wasn’t as fun as he thought. I think it looks good on him, though!


Effie got to ride in the back of a dump-truck. She loves being included in whatever Sam is doing, and that’s usually building things with his Duplos and hauling still around in the back of his dump truck. Sam got a HUGE container of Duplos for his birthday from his cousins Josie and Ezra and pretty much for the last 2.5 weeks he hasn’t wanted to play with anything other than those- it’s been amazing for his independence. He will sit and play with those blocks for HOURS every day- which means I get to knit whenever Effie is napping or playing with her big brother!DSC_0094



He calls this Mater’s “Pirate hat”. I think it’s awesome and very clever!



Effie hasn’t been sleeping well (Thank you, four-month-sleep-regression!) So we’ve been doing a lot of coffee. Since it is starting to cool down, naturally I’ve been making myself some pumpkin spice lattes!



And also because she hasn’t been sleeping well she’s been spending tons of time in the wrap on my back (Which I FINALLY figured out, thanks to some kind friends) and she’ll happily talk and jabber and pull my hair for a few hours up there, which is great when the dishes need to be done or dinner needs to be cooked and she isn’t happy about being left on the floor!



Sometimes being the baby means getting laundry baskets put on top of you. Life is rough for the baby, you know?



But in other news, I just had a photo shoot this morning with Anselm Photography (Wonderful woman and amazing eye for pictures!) to get some professional shots of the sock monkey costumes and mermaid costumes! We had a very tiny, very new little squish model the mermaid costume for us and it is BEYOND cute. I can’t wait to see the finished images!

Keepin’ on.

Life is busy right now, hence the lack of updates on the blog. Knitting orders are keeping up, too- which is wonderful and also overwhelming- Β I always forget about that during the summer then August hits and BLAMMO! orders all over the place. It’s wonderful (Helloooo Christmas money!) but this is the first busy season I’ve had with two kids, both of which demand a lot of love and attention (Being almost 3 is hard, and being 4 months is especially difficult)

So Effie spends a lot of time in the wrap, and Sam is learning to play independently. We have a friend that we are watching a few hours a day and that is wonderful for Sam, he really enjoys spending time with her and they play really well together, and if I can time that with Effie’s naps, well, then I might actually get to sit and knit. Maybe. But the majority of my knitting happens after dinner and kids are to bed. We are still definitely trying to hit our stride, and trying to be as organized as possible helps, I’ve been doing meal planning and chore scheduling to keep up on the housework. It’s so nice to not have the 4:30pm freak-out when you realize you haven’t thought of what to make for dinner.


It’s so funny, all year long I am thinking two months in advance- so it feels later than it really is. I keep forgetting it’s still August, because all of August and September I am focusing on Halloween orders, and then all of October and November I am working on Christmas orders, and just like that, boom, it’s January! I know it’s so cliche, but time really is flying by so fast- and I can’t believe Sam will be three on Wednesday and Effie is already 4 months old. This summer has just been a total blur! Thanks, my loyal readers, for putting up with me while I’ve been so neglectful of this space- But make sure to follow the Facebook page, as I update there a bit more frequently.

Life lately…


Well hello there! Sorry for the lack of new knitting projects to show you, but my two kiddos are keeping me so busy I haven’t had a ton of time to knit. I’m working on a few commissioned projects and will have those to post about soon, but most of my time is being eaten up by my little munchkins!

The sweater I made Sam last summer finally fits him (Just in time for the hot weather! Hah!) But hopefully he won’t grow too much between now and the fall so it should still fit him then.Β DSC_0171

The littlest member of the household is sure keeping me on my feet! She is a rowdy little girl. If she isn’t asleep she pretty much demands to be held up, looking at your face and wants to be talked to. She isn’t happy chillin’ in the swing or bouncy chair unless you are in her face talking to her. Which means she gets put in the wrap a lot so I can get stuff done around the house. She loves being attached to mama! So opposite of Sam in that regard (he was always a ‘give-me-my-space’ kind of kid) But she is SUCH a happy girl! She smiles constantly and coos up a storm!


She’s about 10 1/2 lbs right now (Seven weeks old today!) and very VERY long! She’s already wearing 3-6m pants, but still wearing NB and 0-3m shirts- she’s all legs! She certainly didn’t get that from me…. Sam and I are shorties, so she must have inherited some of her dad’s height!
We are working on getting a schedule down for naps and such, but she is pretty unpredictable right now, but she’s a pretty good sleeper so we are all getting enough rest. The weather has been GORGEOUS this week, so we’ve been playing outside in the sandbox every day and even hit up the pool on Monday with some friends! It was a bit breezy, so as soon as you got out of the water it was chilly, but sitting on the side with my feet in the water was a pretty delightful way to spend the afternoon!

This is a busy week for us- Tomorrow is our 5th anniversary, then Saturday is Paul’s 33rd birthday, then Sunday is Father’s day. I am having a bit of trouble coming up with three separate gifts for him, he is so hard to buy for!

Oh, and I had a question for you, dear readers! Do any of you meal plan? If so, do you use any kind of website or planning system? I’ve been doing it the last few weeks again, but finding it hard to keep track of what I’ve made (and I keep forgetting about the recipes I’ve made and liked) and find myself pouring through Pinterest boards again and again searching for recipes! If you have tried any, please comment and let me know what you’ve used and how it worked for you!

Persephone Monthly Photo: Month 1

I did a series of photos with Samuel his first year, where I took a picture of him every month in the same spot, and I wanted to do the same with Persephone to compare their growth! So here is Persephone’s first set of monthly pictures.


The bear is from Persephone’s nana, she is the one that got Sam his blue bear that is his absolute FAVORITE thing in the world, so it’s only natural that Persephone gets a pink one!

She is already six weeks old (WHAT!) and these pictures were taken closer for 5 weeks than 4, because we were in Tacoma when she officially turned a month old. She has rolled from back to belly once (I hope it was just a fluke!!) and loves to coo and smile at you when you tickle her under the chin. She is a champion sleeper and sleeps from 10pm-5am almost every night without waking to eat (Which is amazing for me!) She is gaining weight really well, and is pretty content, as long as she is being held. She’s not a huge fan of the swing or bouncy chair yet, but she loves being wrapped up in my woven wrap and close to mama, so we can still get stuff done without too many tears.

Samuel really loves her and always asks to hold her and gives her a lot of kisses and hugs. He is a big helper, always throwing away diapers for me and fetching my water bottle during long nursing sessions. He has started playing independently really well the last few weeks and it’s been SO wonderful outside this week that he’s had a ton of hours logged in his “Sams box” (What he thinks a sandbox is called) playing with tractors and shovels while Persephone and I hang out and watch.

We’re totally smitten with our little family, and couldn’t be happier!

Effie’s Name Blanket

You may remember my mom made Sam a blanket when he was born. It’s hanging on his wall, and we LOVE it. I have always wanted name blankets for my kids after I saw my mom making them for my cousins and other relatives. Well, since Effie was so very overdue we had plenty of time to pick out fabric while my mom was here. She didn’t know the name, so she waited until after Effie was born to make it, but I got to help pick out fabrics and colors!





Thank you, mom. I love this blanket so much!


A little more Effie…

In case you were wanting to see more pictures of my sweet little girl!


She is seriously the most pleasant baby. She eats, sleeps and coos. She rarely cries, and she sleeps SO well at night. She is a complete night and day different baby than Sam was! Hopefully that keeps up and she stays nice and healthy and chubby.


We had her 10 day appointment today and she’s up to 8lbs 12 oz (A full pound heavier than she was last Friday!) and already grew an inch, she’s a whopping 22 inches! When she was undressed and laying on the table to get measured her doctor exclaimed “WOW! That’s a long baby!”



She makes the best faces, too! Just like her big brother!


She is just the sweetest thing and we are so enamored with her!