Persephone Monthly Photo: Month 1

I did a series of photos with Samuel his first year, where I took a picture of him every month in the same spot, and I wanted to do the same with Persephone to compare their growth! So here is Persephone’s first set of monthly pictures.


The bear is from Persephone’s nana, she is the one that got Sam his blue bear that is his absolute FAVORITE thing in the world, so it’s only natural that Persephone gets a pink one!

She is already six weeks old (WHAT!) and these pictures were taken closer for 5 weeks than 4, because we were in Tacoma when she officially turned a month old. She has rolled from back to belly once (I hope it was just a fluke!!) and loves to coo and smile at you when you tickle her under the chin. She is a champion sleeper and sleeps from 10pm-5am almost every night without waking to eat (Which is amazing for me!) She is gaining weight really well, and is pretty content, as long as she is being held. She’s not a huge fan of the swing or bouncy chair yet, but she loves being wrapped up in my woven wrap and close to mama, so we can still get stuff done without too many tears.

Samuel really loves her and always asks to hold her and gives her a lot of kisses and hugs. He is a big helper, always throwing away diapers for me and fetching my water bottle during long nursing sessions. He has started playing independently really well the last few weeks and it’s been SO wonderful outside this week that he’s had a ton of hours logged in his “Sams box” (What he thinks a sandbox is called) playing with tractors and shovels while Persephone and I hang out and watch.

We’re totally smitten with our little family, and couldn’t be happier!


2 thoughts on “Persephone Monthly Photo: Month 1

  1. Happy that you’re happy! Still can’t wait to meet her. And glad to hear your little family is doing so well adjusting to 4! Oh, and “Sam’s Box” Is just the cutest thing!

  2. I love your blog. It reminds me of things in my life, like the Sam’s Box. Little kids are so funny 🙂

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