Life lately…


Well hello there! Sorry for the lack of new knitting projects to show you, but my two kiddos are keeping me so busy I haven’t had a ton of time to knit. I’m working on a few commissioned projects and will have those to post about soon, but most of my time is being eaten up by my little munchkins!

The sweater I made Sam last summer finally fits him (Just in time for the hot weather! Hah!) But hopefully he won’t grow too much between now and the fall so it should still fit him then. DSC_0171

The littlest member of the household is sure keeping me on my feet! She is a rowdy little girl. If she isn’t asleep she pretty much demands to be held up, looking at your face and wants to be talked to. She isn’t happy chillin’ in the swing or bouncy chair unless you are in her face talking to her. Which means she gets put in the wrap a lot so I can get stuff done around the house. She loves being attached to mama! So opposite of Sam in that regard (he was always a ‘give-me-my-space’ kind of kid) But she is SUCH a happy girl! She smiles constantly and coos up a storm!


She’s about 10 1/2 lbs right now (Seven weeks old today!) and very VERY long! She’s already wearing 3-6m pants, but still wearing NB and 0-3m shirts- she’s all legs! She certainly didn’t get that from me…. Sam and I are shorties, so she must have inherited some of her dad’s height!
We are working on getting a schedule down for naps and such, but she is pretty unpredictable right now, but she’s a pretty good sleeper so we are all getting enough rest. The weather has been GORGEOUS this week, so we’ve been playing outside in the sandbox every day and even hit up the pool on Monday with some friends! It was a bit breezy, so as soon as you got out of the water it was chilly, but sitting on the side with my feet in the water was a pretty delightful way to spend the afternoon!

This is a busy week for us- Tomorrow is our 5th anniversary, then Saturday is Paul’s 33rd birthday, then Sunday is Father’s day. I am having a bit of trouble coming up with three separate gifts for him, he is so hard to buy for!

Oh, and I had a question for you, dear readers! Do any of you meal plan? If so, do you use any kind of website or planning system? I’ve been doing it the last few weeks again, but finding it hard to keep track of what I’ve made (and I keep forgetting about the recipes I’ve made and liked) and find myself pouring through Pinterest boards again and again searching for recipes! If you have tried any, please comment and let me know what you’ve used and how it worked for you!


6 thoughts on “Life lately…

  1. I use I LOVE it! I paid for the subscription once like a year ago and it still lets me in now…I don’t think it’s supposed to though but it’s so worth it!

  2. Love your babies! Also, I meal plan, but I don’t really have any website or service suggestions…we just have a list of all the recipes/meals that we like, and I tend to scan through those for inspiration, and try to try about one new recipe per week (or…you know…five new recipes in one week because I haven’t made anything new in a month…it averages out, haha!) But I have to say that meal planning has totally saved my sanity the past year or so–love it!

  3. I like website features a “recipe box” where you can store your favorite recipes. Also lots of articles on food, health, moms, style, home and crafts. It’s free to use.

  4. What a beautiful daughter! Congrats!

    I usually keep my recipes in recipe binders so I remember what to make. Only great recipes make in it there from Pinterest. 🙂

  5. Sam looks really happy about the sweater his Mama lovingly made him :). I think I have said this in every comment since she was born, but your daughter is precious!

    A great day to you!

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