A little more Effie…

In case you were wanting to see more pictures of my sweet little girl!


She is seriously the most pleasant baby. She eats, sleeps and coos. She rarely cries, and she sleeps SO well at night. She is a complete night and day different baby than Sam was! Hopefully that keeps up and she stays nice and healthy and chubby.


We had her 10 day appointment today and she’s up to 8lbs 12 oz (A full pound heavier than she was last Friday!) and already grew an inch, she’s a whopping 22 inches! When she was undressed and laying on the table to get measured her doctor exclaimed “WOW! That’s a long baby!”



She makes the best faces, too! Just like her big brother!


She is just the sweetest thing and we are so enamored with her!


4 thoughts on “A little more Effie…

  1. keep the updates coming! Love seeing her! And if she needs a tall husband someday, I know of a tall 7 month old who might make a good match. πŸ˜‰

  2. She is beautiful. Enjoy her. I have a son & daughter too in the same order and my son was let’s say up every tow hours always hungry. My “Kyla” pronounced Kai – la was so quiet & content, slept all night and only cried if she was hungry and I was slow feeding her. Have a happy mothers day

  3. You have such a cute baby! I loved seeing all of the things you made for her and hope to see lots more – especially with Effie in them!

    I LOVE her name by bwt. Persephone Ebrill… you rarely meet other Persephones but it’s SUCH an awesome name! Effie is an adorible nickname!!!

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