Little Crafting

I don’t often do crafting that’s not knitting or crochet, but occasionally I break out the glue gun and feel like getting burned.

yarn 009

So I made a few little trees. The two smaller ones are wrapped in yarn and the bigger one was wrapped in some lace trimmings.

yarn 010

I’m not thrilled with the top of the bigger one. I didn’t do a good job of gluing the cardboard together so it ended up being gappy at the top, so I stuck a pompom on top of it, but it looks a little silly. Any suggestions? I think I’ll make some more later on in the week. Today I’m nursing a cold and trying to keep my house in somewhat of an order since my toddler is finding mama on the couch to be the perfect opportunity to destroy the house and dump every bucket of toys that he has.

I am spacing out majorly today, I tried to make myself some little coffee treat, but after cleaning my espresso maker I didn’t reattach the pressure valve right and I came back into the kitchen to coffee spraying everywhere.

yarn 006

Well, the ceiling needed a good scrubbing anyway, I suppose.





3 thoughts on “Little Crafting

  1. I actually guffawed! I have a friend that exploded a pressure cooker full of tomato soup on her ceiling. We are STILL finding the remnants on her ceiling.

  2. I nearly cried because I had to start my coffee over again. Im glad it wasnt an entire pressure cooker full! That sounds awful! And tomato stains!!!

  3. i’m thinking you could put a taper candle in it, or put a few branches in it that are around as long as the ‘tree’ is tall. but i would move it away from the trees like you never intended it to be one. and make a new one, cause it’s fantastic! oh, and it would be funny accept that you don’t feel good.

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