Happy Halloween!

For our church’s Halloween Festival we dressed up. Can you guess what we were?


Bob Ross and his happy little tree! We saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it’d be a pretty easy one to pull off, especially with Pauls hair on the long side this year!

Sam got to be a minion from Despicable Me, with a hat made by me and some thrifted overalls and a clearance rack yellow shirt!


DSC_6592And yes, bear-bear, his ever constant companion is by his side. Always. Bear-bear gets to eat snacks with Sam, gets to drive trucks and tractors with Sam and also gets to snuggle up in bed by Sam. He is definitely his favorite toy!
We also got to hit up some of the downtown section of Moscow today to see some fun costumes and get a little bit of candy. I also bought 7 lbs of chocolate, and we got a grand total of four doorbell rings…. chocolate for another day, I suppose!

Also, if you are planning any Christmas orders from me, get them in soon! My schedule is already filling up!



Cabled Christmas

A family set of commissioned stockings! I actually made the middle one last year, and she asked me to make the cabled ones for the mama and the papa of the family. Pictures did not turn out as well as I had hoped, but they’ve already been delivered, so oh well, live and learn and buy a new camera lens, right? (Mine is currently broken and is taking very fuzzy pictures. Boo!)

xmasstocking 003

xmasstocking 007

xmasstocking 010

xmasstocking 015

xmasstocking 017

The stocking on the right is actually a deep forest green. The color isn’t showing up quite right, but it’s really a lovely yarn!

I’ve got lots of Christmas present knits to show you guys- they’re just not given to their respective recipients yet, so stay tuned.

PS Did you notice it’s snowing on the blog????

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like….

Christmas! My favorite holiday, hands down.

christmas 011
christmas 013
christmas 003


Sam was so confused about having a tree inside. He kept brushing by it with just the tip of his finger.

christmas 023

christmas 019

sss 001
sss 002
sss 007
sss 008
christmas 029

I haven’t put the wrapped presents under the tree, because I know Sam will try to unwrap them (So helpful, that one!) for me, so we’re just leaving them in our bedroom closet for now. He’s been really good about not touching the tree, other than grazing it with his finger tip occasionally. We made it a “no-touch” since we were afraid he would pull it down onto himself (he’s a climber!), and one day as I was in the bathroom I came out to hear him “clapping” with a ball ornament in each hand, as soon as he saw me he happily clapped really hard, and they both fell apart in his hands. He was so upset, he turned around, put the shattered balls back on the tree (in lots of tiny pieces) turned back to me and said “All done, mama” and hung his head and started to cry! It was so sad, he was so disappointed that he had broken the ornaments, but since then he hasn’t touched the tree. I felt bad that he learned such a sad lesson, but glad that he remembers that it’s a ‘no touch’.

Also, local people- The Apple Brigade is doing a show on Friday at One World Cafe downtown. We’ve put up a few demo’s here, if you’d like to check them out. And as always, you can ‘like’ The Apple Brigade on Facebook to make sure you stay informed of everything new!


Little Crafting

I don’t often do crafting that’s not knitting or crochet, but occasionally I break out the glue gun and feel like getting burned.

yarn 009

So I made a few little trees. The two smaller ones are wrapped in yarn and the bigger one was wrapped in some lace trimmings.

yarn 010

I’m not thrilled with the top of the bigger one. I didn’t do a good job of gluing the cardboard together so it ended up being gappy at the top, so I stuck a pompom on top of it, but it looks a little silly. Any suggestions? I think I’ll make some more later on in the week. Today I’m nursing a cold and trying to keep my house in somewhat of an order since my toddler is finding mama on the couch to be the perfect opportunity to destroy the house and dump every bucket of toys that he has.

I am spacing out majorly today, I tried to make myself some little coffee treat, but after cleaning my espresso maker I didn’t reattach the pressure valve right and I came back into the kitchen to coffee spraying everywhere.

yarn 006

Well, the ceiling needed a good scrubbing anyway, I suppose.




Fair Isle Stockings

This is hands down my favorite project I’ve ever worked on. I absolutely had a blast making these custom fair isle stockings. Each family member has a different animal, the dad (Adam) got a wolf, the mom (Cathlin) wanted a horse, and of course, an elephant for their daughter Eleanor!

Paul made the charts for me to knit the animals, everything else I came up with on my own pattern for using graph paper and just trial and error. Otherwise it’s just like making a really, really large sock. These things are pretty big and nice and stretchy and ready to be filled up with presents!!




A Thanksgiving Giveaway!

This year has been among the most challenging and rewarding of my life. I’m so thankful for my kind husband, my hilarious and adorable child and my wonderful family and my lovely friends and also for you, blog readers!

In fact, I’m *so* thankful I’m doing a giveaway!

Enter for the chance to win a handknit rainbow beanie! Any size (Child or adult!) I think everyone could use a little color to spruce up their winter blues, right?

So you know the rules- you can enter by:

1. Leaving a comment on this post stating what size you’d like and what you’re thankful for
2. Putting a link to it on your blog
3. Putting a link onto your Facebook
4. Tweet about it, leaving a link to this post (make sure to tag #knittybutton!)

So, you’ve got 4 chances to get entries into this Giveaway! It will be open until Thursday, November 29th at 6:00pm! This is an international giveaway (I’ve had a few people ask on prior giveaways) and I’d be happy to ship this anywhere in the world for you! Winner will be drawn via Random.org.

But remember, if you put it on your blog, please leave a second SEPARATE (or third, or fourth!) comment letting me know you’ve done so, so you can get your second (or third, or fourth!) entry. If you don’t leave another you WON’T get your second (or third, or forth!) entry, so make sure to do that!

Also, just because my kid is so stinkin’ cute, here he is professing his love for his daddy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sock Monkey, with a monkey model.

So, I didn’t get any great shots, because my little monkey man was too busy jumping on the couch, like a true little monkey. But this is a 6-9 month sock monkey costume, custom ordered for Halloween for some lucky little kid!


If you’d like to order one, please let me know (lexikaye@gmail.com) ASAP, there are only a few spots left for me to be able to make them by Halloween!


Happy 4th of July!

We had a thoroughly enjoyable Independence Day!

Sam and I broke out our matching outfits, including some red shoes!

We went out with some friends and ate a lot of dessert and watched some great fireworks. It was a lot of fun, even though Sam was not a huge fan of the fireworks. But once I got him in the MobyWrap and snuggled tight he was fine.

I forgot to get any pictures while we were hanging out with friends, but you know it’s a good time when you look at your phone and you realize nearly three hours have passed!

Thanks for the invite and party, Abra! We had a great time.

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter weekend, and got to spend it with good friends. Nothing like fellowshipping around a huge Greek feast! I meant to take pictures, but of course I forgot.

Buy I did get some good pictures on Saturday!






Sam is wearing a onesie that I bought for Ezra when I was in Paris back in 2009. I love it, it’s one of my favorite things I bought on that trip! I wish I had bought more baby clothes, but at the time I wasn’t exactly thinking of babies…

And just a heads up, I might be a bit quiet on the blog front this week- I am babysitting another little kiddo during the week, so I don’t have quite as much time to devote to the ol’ Knittybutton! I won’t forget about the Giveaway, though, so don’t forget to check back tomorrow to find out who won!