Fair Isle Stockings

This is hands down my favorite project I’ve ever worked on. I absolutely had a blast making these custom fair isle stockings. Each family member has a different animal, the dad (Adam) got a wolf, the mom (Cathlin) wanted a horse, and of course, an elephant for their daughter Eleanor!

Paul made the charts for me to knit the animals, everything else I came up with on my own pattern for using graph paper and just trial and error. Otherwise it’s just like making a really, really large sock. These things are pretty big and nice and stretchy and ready to be filled up with presents!!





9 thoughts on “Fair Isle Stockings

  1. We love them so much!! Ellie knows which one is hers already and will randomly walk over, point to it and say, “da!” (Which we think is more or less, “check that out!”)

    They’re so soft, too, I sorta want to snuggle them…

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