Happy Halloween!

For our church’s Halloween Festival we dressed up. Can you guess what we were?


Bob Ross and his happy little tree! We saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it’d be a pretty easy one to pull off, especially with Pauls hair on the long side this year!

Sam got to be a minion from Despicable Me, with a hat made by me and some thrifted overalls and a clearance rack yellow shirt!


DSC_6592And yes, bear-bear, his ever constant companion is by his side. Always. Bear-bear gets to eat snacks with Sam, gets to drive trucks and tractors with Sam and also gets to snuggle up in bed by Sam. He is definitely his favorite toy!
We also got to hit up some of the downtown section of Moscow today to see some fun costumes and get a little bit of candy. I also bought 7 lbs of chocolate, and we got a grand total of four doorbell rings…. chocolate for another day, I suppose!

Also, if you are planning any Christmas orders from me, get them in soon! My schedule is already filling up!



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