It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like….

Christmas! My favorite holiday, hands down.

christmas 011
christmas 013
christmas 003


Sam was so confused about having a tree inside. He kept brushing by it with just the tip of his finger.

christmas 023

christmas 019

sss 001
sss 002
sss 007
sss 008
christmas 029

I haven’t put the wrapped presents under the tree, because I know Sam will try to unwrap them (So helpful, that one!) for me, so we’re just leaving them in our bedroom closet for now. He’s been really good about not touching the tree, other than grazing it with his finger tip occasionally. We made it a “no-touch” since we were afraid he would pull it down onto himself (he’s a climber!), and one day as I was in the bathroom I came out to hear him “clapping” with a ball ornament in each hand, as soon as he saw me he happily clapped really hard, and they both fell apart in his hands. He was so upset, he turned around, put the shattered balls back on the tree (in lots of tiny pieces) turned back to me and said “All done, mama” and hung his head and started to cry! It was so sad, he was soย disappointedย that he had broken the ornaments, but since then he hasn’t touched the tree. I felt bad that he learned such a sad lesson, but glad that he remembers that it’s a ‘no touch’.

Also, local people- The Apple Brigade is doing a show on Friday at One World Cafe downtown. We’ve put up a few demo’s here, if you’d like to check them out. And as always, you can ‘like’ The Apple Brigade on Facebook to make sure you stay informed of everything new!


Front porch

Ok, so there were so many gourds, pumpkins, squash, etc at the farmer’s market that I had some trouble choosing!

I think I might rearrange it a bit, I’m not 100% happy with the way it looks, but it’s a start!

We put another pumpkin in the little patch of random plants, we’re hoping people will think we grew it. Ha!

Any one else have some fun fall decor up yet?