Monkey Moo.

A custom order for a monkey. He’s pretty cute, but somehow he ended up with sort of a hunchback.

Eh. Oh well, he’s still a fun little guy.

And check out some pruny baby toes after a long bath! Man, I just love baby feet.

Well, we are off to our Co-op Mama’s and Papa’s meeting so Sam can hang out with his other baby buddies and mama can get some social interaction!

Infinity Scarf

I’ve been really into chunky knits lately…. half of my Pinterest account is chunky knits, lately. So when I got an order for a Black Infinity scarf and the woman who ordered it let me have a little creative freedom I thought for sure I wanted to do a chunky knit.

So here are some very bad self portrait pictures of my extremely pale face.

But this is an extremely warm scarf. I think once I catch up on my orders I might need to make myself one!

Alright- back to the grind (The grind being more knitting!)

Gerald Giraffe

A custom order for a giraffe

I am having a hard time parting with this guy… he’s really endeared himself to me.

I should probably write up this pattern, too. But I am so backed up with orders right now, so it’ll probably be a while before I do any pattern writing.

He has a curious face, I think.

He’s a lot taller than I meant him to turn out. He’s well over a foot tall!

Alright, back to knitting. I’ve got 23 orders to catch up on!

Samuel’s Baptism

While we were in Tacoma for Christmas Samuel got baptized! We had it done at my home church, by Pastor Rayburn on Christmas Morning, and it was lovely.

He was baptized with water from the Jordan River!

And if any of you are curious about Sam’s baptismal gown, that was ALSO made by my mom! She’s so crafty (I wonder where I get it, right?) Here’s a close up:

She knows what I like, that woman!

I need to get Sam to make his pouty face so we can get him in his baptismal gown next to my picture of me in my baptismal gown.

Samuel’s Blanket!

My mom used to make these name blankets for kids that were born in our extended family. She hasn’t made them in a while, but I requested that one of Sam’s Christmas presents to be his very own name blankie, because I love them so much.

My mom picked the perfect colors of green that match his crib bedding!

Isn’t it beautiful? I really love it.

Gray Hat and Happy New Year

Hello Knittybutton Readers! Sorry for taking such a long break for Christmas.. I didn’t really mean to be away for a whole week, but I ended up just having such a great time with my family, and then when we got back to Idaho I just wanted to spend the rest of the break enjoying Sam and hanging out with Paul. BUT I did get quite a bit of knitting done. Amazing what you can get done when you’re not taking the time to blog!

Anyhow, I made my brothers girlfriend, Krysta this hat for Christmas!

I guess I have a smaller head than most, because it was a bit too snug on her. And then my Sister in Law Cynthia told me the hat I made for her last Christmas was too small for her, too. Oops.

It turned out pretty well,ย consideringย that I whipped it up the day before Christmas!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more knits! Thanks for being so patient with me!

Baby Legs

I saw some Baby Legs online, and thought they were really cute, but I didn’t want to pay $14 bucks for basically a tubesock.

So, I took a pair of knee socks that a hole in the heel and I cut the feet off of them, and voila! Babylegs!

He was being really squiggly! I couldn’t get a good picture of him!

They are handy for when we are just hangin’ out at home, and this way we don’t have to take any pants off when we are changing diapers!

I think they look pretty cute, although Paul thinks they look kind of dorky. ย I think I’ll make some more out of socks that are really worn in the heels or toes.

Monkey Hat

I was commissioned to make a monkey hat for someone, and couldn’t find any good knit patterns, so I made one up! Although the prototype I made ended up being too small for the recipient, so Sam got to keep it. Too bad, right?

I’m pretty happy with it!

Sam wasn’t going to give me any smiles during this photo shoot, though.

So I tried tickling under his chin… no luck. That almost always works!

Almost a smile???

Buuuut, now it’s gone. And it’s been replaced with a glare.

So, I am thinking about writing up the pattern for this hat… eventually. It’s a pretty fun one! When Sam wore it out and about last week he got lots of compliments on his funny little hat! But before I write it all out, I just want to gauge interest in it… is there anyone out there who would actually make it, or should I even bother with it?

Red Stocking

I made a red stocking for Owen Aberle.

It’s a bright and cheery Christmas red color.

and a braided cable! I love braided cables!

this was my first stocking, but now that I’ve made one I know that it’s not all that hard, and I’ll certainly be making some more this coming year!

I want to make them for all 3 of us, (and for future children) but I am torn between wanting to make all matching ones with names on top, or having everyone had a different color but all the same style, or all different styles and all the same color. Any input?

Another Headband

This one is also for a Christmas present- I’m just on a roll knitting these headbands. They’re a lot of fun and a pretty quick knit.

Excuse the undone hair and no makeuped face. Ah, the life of a new mom! You are all so jealous, I know it!

And today (insert very excited squeal here) we are going to get our Christmas tree! I am probably the only person in the house who really cares about it, but I am very excited none-the-less, I really want to start decorating the house, but without the tree it seemed kind of silly, but once we get that tree in here it’s game time! Have a great weekend, everyone! Go bake some Christmas cookies!