Red Stocking

I made a red stocking for Owen Aberle.

It’s a bright and cheery Christmas red color.

and a braided cable! I love braided cables!

this was my first stocking, but now that I’ve made one I know that it’s not all that hard, and I’ll certainly be making some more this coming year!

I want to make them for all 3 of us, (and for future children) but I am torn between wanting to make all matching ones with names on top, or having everyone had a different color but all the same style, or all different styles and all the same color. Any input?

4 thoughts on “Red Stocking

  1. Same style with names on top. It’s unified and cohesive. And how do you pick (at birth/1 year old, etc) what color and style -that will last them their whole Christmas life – for your baby?

  2. i grew up with these huge knit stockings. they were all the same style, but different pictures on the front. all white with either a reindeer, or tree, or something else on the fronts with a red rim at the top. i love them and so my vote is: same pattern, different colors.

  3. depends on you – – – cause once they leave home they will probably change and get something different! Me – I would like different ones for different kids

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