Monkey Hat

I was commissioned to make a monkey hat for someone, and couldn’t find any good knit patterns, so I made one up! Although the prototype I made ended up being too small for the recipient, so Sam got to keep it. Too bad, right?

I’m pretty happy with it!

Sam wasn’t going to give me any smiles during this photo shoot, though.

So I tried tickling under his chin… no luck. That almost always works!

Almost a smile???

Buuuut, now it’s gone. And it’s been replaced with a glare.

So, I am thinking about writing up the pattern for this hat… eventually. It’s a pretty fun one! When Sam wore it out and about last week he got lots of compliments on his funny little hat! But before I write it all out, I just want to gauge interest in it… is there anyone out there who would actually make it, or should I even bother with it?


4 thoughts on “Monkey Hat

  1. Sam looks so adorable!!! I LOVE it!!! I would absolutely make it for my little guy but i would need instructions for a child size. He is 6 years old and LOVES wearing hats that i make him. I started knitting him character hats 2 years ago as a way to get him to wear ( and keep on his head šŸ™‚ ) winter hats. So far he has 4 hats in his collection…… a snowman. a bear, Rudolph, and a two- tailed Santa hat ( his current favorite šŸ™‚ ) I would LOVE to add a monkey hat to his collection šŸ™‚

  2. I would definitely knit at least 2 of this hat….. my grands would love them…or at least the parents would….thank you!

  3. I would make it! One of my best friends has a one-year-old. I’ve been struggling to find animal hat patterns I like too!

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