Another Headband

This one is also for a Christmas present- I’m just on a roll knitting these headbands. They’re a lot of fun and a pretty quick knit.

Excuse the undone hair and no makeuped face. Ah, the life of a new mom! You are all so jealous, I know it!

And today (insert very excited squeal here) we are going to get our Christmas tree! I am probably the only person in the house who really cares about it, but I am very excited none-the-less, I really want to start decorating the house, but without the tree it seemed kind of silly, but once we get that tree in here it’s game time! Have a great weekend, everyone! Go bake some Christmas cookies!


3 thoughts on “Another Headband

  1. Ha ha. I didn’t do my hair or makeup even before I had a baby. So I like it that you’re following suit.

    Our Christmas tree has been sitting on our front porch for a week. Ooops. Guess we should set it up.

  2. Would you post the directions to the headband? I’ve been searching for a good pattern on ravelry without any luck. I love yours! So cute!

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