Samuel’s Baptism

While we were in Tacoma for Christmas Samuel got baptized! We had it done at my home church, by Pastor Rayburn on Christmas Morning, and it was lovely.

He was baptized with water from the Jordan River!

And if any of you are curious about Sam’s baptismal gown, that was ALSO made by my mom! She’s so crafty (I wonder where I get it, right?) Here’s a close up:

She knows what I like, that woman!

I need to get Sam to make his pouty face so we can get him in his baptismal gown next to my picture of me in my baptismal gown.

4 thoughts on “Samuel’s Baptism

  1. Many blessings to little Sam. Thank you for sharing such a special day with us.
    Your mom’s smocking is gorgeous! Absolutely lovely — though I suspect one day your young man will complain that you put him in a dress! LOL! He gets more adorable with each passing week — and now my own little granddaughter is only 8 weeks away and I can hardly wait!

    Hugs to Sam from Mimère Lyn in Colorado.

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