Scalloped Cowl

For my mothers 50th birthday I made her this scalloped cowl out of some 100% wool sport weight yarn.

I think I may need to make one for myself because I love, love, loved it.


Yesterday afternoon I took Sam downtown to “trick or treat” with some friends. He wasn’t really into it, but mama got some candy! And then last night we got invited to go see a show by Hey Marseilles and SeaWolf! It was so much fun to be able to catch up with Jacob (who I went to high school with and is in the band Hey Marseilles!) and get out on a date with Paul on Halloween. We didn’t dress up, but we really should have.




Wool Longies

I have started doing some trades with people in exchange for knitted goods. Mostly it’s with people that can sew awesome things, because that is an area where I am sorely lacking. These knitted wool longies were in exchange for three homemade cloth diapers (That are AWESOME, by the way, thank you Danielle!) and I love these longies a lot. Even if I accidentally made them look like Seahawks longies.

I tried to get Sam to model them for me…haha. That did not end up being so easy. Now that he is mobile..oh my heavens, it is impossible to get a clear shot of him!


I did eventually get him distracted enough with playing with mama’s “no-touch” stuff. (Aka my knitting stuff) and that got him to sit still for long enough to take a few shots. They didn’t turn out great, but oh well.

I think I may need a pair or two of these for Sam this winter! I think they are so cute. Although I probably won’t do stripes…every time I do stripes I start kicking myself because I forget about the trillions of ends to weave in! Why do I always forget that little detail??



Turquoise Dress

Here is the dress to go with the diaper cover and hat. I just realized the pictures I got are not very good, but hey, I was in a hurry before Sam’s  little hands tried to ‘help out’ with picture taking.

And here is the whole outfit together.

Retro Style

So, a few weeks back I found this really cool retro/mod dress at The Storm Cellar. I really, really love it.

And Paul had made Amaretto Sours after church, so it just went really well with the whole ensemble.

I rarely find retro/vintage dresses in my size, so it was quite a find for me!

Also, I have a question for you knitter/seamstresses/crocheters, etc out there. I’d like to have some tags for my handknit things, (Something similar to what Vicki over at Dover & Madden uses) but I want them to have Knittybutton on them. Any of you ever used an online place to order them? I’d love to use one that someone out there could recommend.

Infinity Scarf

I’ve been really into chunky knits lately…. half of my Pinterest account is chunky knits, lately. So when I got an order for a Black Infinity scarf and the woman who ordered it let me have a little creative freedom I thought for sure I wanted to do a chunky knit.

So here are some very bad self portrait pictures of my extremely pale face.

But this is an extremely warm scarf. I think once I catch up on my orders I might need to make myself one!

Alright- back to the grind (The grind being more knitting!)

Samuel’s Baptism

While we were in Tacoma for Christmas Samuel got baptized! We had it done at my home church, by Pastor Rayburn on Christmas Morning, and it was lovely.

He was baptized with water from the Jordan River!

And if any of you are curious about Sam’s baptismal gown, that was ALSO made by my mom! She’s so crafty (I wonder where I get it, right?) Here’s a close up:

She knows what I like, that woman!

I need to get Sam to make his pouty face so we can get him in his baptismal gown next to my picture of me in my baptismal gown.

Gray Hat and Happy New Year

Hello Knittybutton Readers! Sorry for taking such a long break for Christmas.. I didn’t really mean to be away for a whole week, but I ended up just having such a great time with my family, and then when we got back to Idaho I just wanted to spend the rest of the break enjoying Sam and hanging out with Paul. BUT I did get quite a bit of knitting done. Amazing what you can get done when you’re not taking the time to blog!

Anyhow, I made my brothers girlfriend, Krysta this hat for Christmas!

I guess I have a smaller head than most, because it was a bit too snug on her. And then my Sister in Law Cynthia told me the hat I made for her last Christmas was too small for her, too. Oops.

It turned out pretty well, considering that I whipped it up the day before Christmas!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more knits! Thanks for being so patient with me!

Brown Cabled Hoodie

So, Sam finally fits into some more of the sweaters I’ve knit for him! He can now fit into this brown cabled hoodie I made the summer before last (before I was even pregnant!)

The sleeves are a little bit long, but hey, that’s alright, he doesn’t seem to mind.

Got some mismatched buttons on there, too. I have become too cheap to buy matching buttons for my own kid. Yeah, so I’ll spend $15 bucks on the yarn to make a sweater, but I wont spend the $3 on matching buttons. Whatevs. What’ya think?

Baby Shalom

I wanted to make my new niece Iris something, but since she lives in Texas (where it’s currently really, REALLY hot, like 106 degrees today) I didn’t think a sweater or hat would probably be a wise choice. So I made her something that probably won’t fit her until winter anyway.

So I whipped up a sort of version of the Shalom Sweater. Only I made it into a tunic.

It’s sort of made up… so I hope it actually fits.

There’s an opening in the back, I think I will add some wooden buttons to it to close it up.

And now I’ve got some more zucchini brownies to eat. I’m totally calling it legit to eat them for breakfast because they have zucchini in it. That is legit, right?