Brown Cabled Hoodie

So, Sam finally fits into some more of the sweaters I’ve knit for him! He can now fit into this brown cabled hoodie I made the summerย before last (before I was even pregnant!)

The sleeves are a little bit long, but hey, that’s alright, he doesn’t seem to mind.

Got some mismatched buttons on there, too. I have become too cheap to buy matching buttons for my own kid. Yeah, so I’ll spend $15 bucks on the yarn to make a sweater, but I wont spend the $3 on matching buttons. Whatevs. What’ya think?

8 thoughts on “Brown Cabled Hoodie

  1. This is adorable! Where did you find the pattern? And he’s so cute, I didn’t even notice that the buttons didn’t match until you said something!

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