Baby Shalom

I wanted to make my new niece Iris something, but since she lives in Texas (where it’s currently really, REALLY hot, like 106 degrees today) I didn’t think a sweater or hat would probably be a wise choice. So I made her something that probably won’t fit her until winter anyway.

So I whipped up a sort of version of the Shalom Sweater. Only I made it into a tunic.

It’s sort of made up… so I hope it actually fits.

There’s an opening in the back, I think I will add some wooden buttons to it to close it up.

And now I’ve got some more zucchini brownies to eat. I’m totally calling it legit to eat them for breakfast because they have zucchini in it. That is legit, right?


2 thoughts on “Baby Shalom

  1. VERY cute sweater! Love it!

    Brownies have grain, eggs, dairy AND zucchini-totally legit anytime! 😀

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