39 Weeks.

To tell you the truth, I never thought I would make it this far. Well, that’s not entirely true… but since about halfway into my pregnancy everyone has been telling me that I’ll go early. But 39 weeks, well, that is not really very early, is it? I’m not trying to complain about it, I am just genuinely surprised to not have a baby in my arms yet.

I’m definitely feeling ‘done’, although my body isn’t really showing any signs of impending labor.

But hey, I guess he’ll come when he’s good and ready. Or when we evict him… whichever comes first. I am hoping it’s the former, but  if he isn’t making any moves by the end of the week it’s likely that I’ll get induced… I’m just not entirely sure how much more my back can handle of this pregnancy thing. I know several women before me who have done it, but I’m not entirely sure how they did it and were still able to function. It feels like the rods are trying to separate from my spine, and let me tell you guys, it’s not a good feeling. But, in good news, he is no longer posterior, and that is HUGE, you guys, that should hopefully make for a much easier labor. Speaking of labor… if my baby comes a week from today then I will be in labor on Labor Day… which would be hilarious. I think if I went into labor on Labor Day I should get some kind of a prize, right? (I suppose I’d be getting a baby, which is a prize enough, right?)

I’ve got several crafts finished that I have got to show you later on this week… including a cute little something for my new niece, Iris, who was born last week, so stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “39 Weeks.

  1. Wow congrats on making it to 39 wks. The last week always seems to be the longest but you will get thru it. You look great for being 1 wk from your due date. I wish you the best of luck during the last wk of pregnancy and when you have your son!!

  2. Ali, if it’s any comfort, both of my babies have come without a lot of warning. Towards the end it feels like they’re never really going to come out, and then all of a sudden, I realize I’m actually in labor and a few hours later I have a baby in my arms. So, just cause it doesn’t feel like anything’s going on doesn’t mean it’s still days away :).

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