Baby Sophisticate

I made another sweater for the Togglebuttons.

It’s called the Baby Sophisticate. Because, of course I want my baby to be sophisticated looking.

I (obviously) haven’t added buttons to it yet. But I was also thinking about adding elbow patches, because I think it would look awesome and scholarly.

Well, I’ve got to get ready to head off to work. Happy Friday, everyone. Have a good weekend!


7 thoughts on “Baby Sophisticate

  1. Ali, you put me to shame! I have been knitting the Saroyan Scarf from a pattern off Ravelry and while I have been busy on that ONE thing you have completed and entire zoo and sweaters for Togglebuttons! WOW!!
    Where are you working? Doesn’t working now exhaust you? You are one amazing woman… love you to bits!!

  2. Erika- That would be awesome. I think I might wait to see how big Togglebuttons is, because this sweater turned out really small, so I don’t think it’ll fit him around Christmas, but I definitely think they should have matching Christmas Sweaters.
    Austin- Yes. I think with a scholarly sweater like this it would need wooden buttons. Plastic would look silly with this sweater, for sure.
    Lynda- I’m just working a few hours a day at my church’s office. It’s a pretty easy gig for a pregnant lady, mostly just sitting at a computer! 🙂

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