Wool Longies

I have started doing some trades with people in exchange for knitted goods. Mostly it’s with people that can sew awesome things, because that is an area where I am sorely lacking. These knitted wool longies were in exchange for three homemade cloth diapers (That are AWESOME, by the way, thank you Danielle!) and I love these longies a lot. Even if I accidentally made them look like Seahawks longies.

I tried to get Sam to model them for me…haha. That did not end up being so easy. Now that he is mobile..oh my heavens, it is impossible to get a clear shot of him!


I did eventually get him distracted enough with playing with mama’s “no-touch” stuff. (Aka my knitting stuff) and that got him to sit still for long enough to take a few shots. They didn’t turn out great, but oh well.

I think I may need a pair or two of these for Sam this winter! I think they are so cute. Although I probably won’t do stripes…every time I do stripes I start kicking myself because I forget about the trillions of ends to weave in! Why do I always forget that little detail??




3 thoughts on “Wool Longies

  1. You can carry your yarn up the inside when you stripe, that way there aren’t tons of ends to weave in. Just cross the strands when starting the new color so that the previous color is “caught” at that level. It’s easiest with just two colors but totally do-able with more.

    There are several youtube.com videos that show how.

  2. I just made the stripes too wide to carry it. I tried with a sweater to carry it with these wider stripes and little fingers got caught in them. If it’s small (two or three rows) it’s no big deal to carry, but I was doing six rows, then two grey, then six more of the next color, so they’d have to be carried for at least 8 rows, which makes it a little bit too loopy and easy to be caught on little fingers or toes when trying to put them on.

  3. sam is such a cutie….and I totally understand your concern about his growth pattern. Not to worry you but Has your dr. ruled out Type 1 diabetes ? My son was a prokectile vomiter. He nursed fast and gained weight very slowly. After his diagnoses, which I had to pursue because the Drs. never thought of it. After getting that behind us…our son thrived.
    Now he is a NIC-U nurse in Boise. Just a thought…it might not even pertain to Sam..but it is important to eleminate all the options.
    My heart goes out to you for the miscarriage…every life, long or short, is a miracle.
    Enjoy being a Mommy. You have the look of love in your eyes and it is obvious to see how proud you are of your little dude.

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