Pixie Hat for Sam

This is one of my new favorite patterns! I am definitely going to be making this one again.

I made Sam a pixie hat (maybe we can come up with a more masculine name?) Followedthis pattern for Stella’s Pixie Hat, made with Plymouth Brand “Happy Feet” sock yarn. Made the smallest size, on size 3 needles, should fit him through this winter. I am in love with this yarn, it is sooo scrumptious. I love the subtle color flecks in the yarn and it’s so squishy and nice! And the way this pattern is knit is really fun. You knit it flat and then kitchener stitch the back together then add the button band!


3 thoughts on “Pixie Hat for Sam

  1. I NEED a hat like this! I will get back to you when I get out her snow suit to see what color it is. Please put me on the wait list! lol

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