Custom Orders

Just a reminder, I have opened back up my Etsy shop and am also taking custom orders again! I know July isn’t ideal time for knitted things, but fall is coming soon.

Also, I do have a fun selection of Halloween costumes to choose from (Mermaids, sock monkeys, lion hats, Angry Birds hats, etc) so if you’ve been wanting one of those, place your order soon!

And, like always, if you have something in mind and don’t see it here on the blog or on the Etsy store, please let me know and I am sure we can work something out. I love doing custom orders!

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Baby Moosey’s Blanket


My good friend Carlie had a daughter a few months ago, Baby Lucy. (Sam, however, thinks her name is Moosey, and calls her that) She’s completely adorable, and we needed to make her a really special gift, so I decided she’d get her very own ripple crochet blanket. Persephone was more than happy to model it for me.Lucy2

Sam picked out Effie’s awesome blue helicopter jammies. They’re pretty rad, huh?
Raveled Here. Used Attic24’s amazing Neat Ripple Blanket pattern found here.

Starburst Blanket

I know she already has plenty of handmade blankets, but really, can you have too many? I don’t think so. So here we have another, hah- a giant granny square blanket with a simple ruffled edge. The colors remind me of Starburst candy, so that’s what I named it.




And yes, for those of you who are wondering, I’m still pregnant! Tomorrow marks the 41 week mark and we’re getting a little impatient waiting for her!! This picture is 9 days ago, but it’s the most recent I have (from the 2 days before my due date, I think) We are beyond ready for her- and we totally thought the full moon would bring her out, but apparently she is just comfy as can be and in no hurry to evacuate the premises.



Baby Mermaid


I received a custom order for a mermaid costume, and I was so excited to get started on it! I am really pleased with it, and it doesn’t hurt that I had a really adorable model for it! (Thank you, Rachel for letting Ellie model the costume for me!)




Mermaid1If you are interested in buying one, they are up for sale in my Etsy shop!


Skull and School Buses.

A custom order for a Skull and Crossbones winter hat with a yarn mohawk!

Can’t say I’ve ever had the opportunity to crochet a skull before! It was easier than I thought it would be, honestly. Sam wasn’t interested in trying on this hat to model it, though. (He thought it was a dinosaur, and I didn’t correct him).

And since I was already all warmed up with my hook (as opposed to my needles!) I decided to finish of this custom ordered bus scarf, too!



DSC_0192How fun is that? A friend of mine drives a school bus, and her daughter rides with her every day, so the scarf is for her toddler to wear as they’re picking up the local school kiddos. I had a ton of fun making it, and Sam was pretty much obsessed with it- (He is very into school buses and fire trucks right now) and he kept trying to drive it around. Unfortunately it doesn’t lend itself to being driven very well, it’s a bit flat and floppy for that! But it was a really fun scarf to make, and I think I might make Sam one, too!


Two Knitting Tutorials for Bingo Players out there.

Knit your way to bingo fever – Two knitting tutorials for the bingo players out there- Knitting has never been a young people’s hobby, at least historically. The times they are a–changin’, though. Just like knitting, bingo has also experienced a surge in popularity among the younger set lately. Maybe it’s a hipster thing, but bingo nights seem to be fast becoming the in thing among twenty- and thirty-somethings.

Consider this: just two decades ago, the average age of a bingo played was in the mid-60s. Compare that to two years ago, when Bingo Reviewer pegged the median at 47, with people between the ages of 18 and 25 making up a whopping 20% of the three million or so bingo players in the UK.

Perhaps it has more to do with online bingo. In the US and the UK, online bingo has become something of a million-dollar industry. It’s very evident in the budgets bingo companies pour into advertising and social media. Cashcade, for instance, has poured a lot of time and effort into CheekyBingo on Twitter, making it an even faster and more convenient source of promos and news than the main site itself.

Since these two hobbies are so successfully getting rid of their classic stereotypes, let’s see how we can mash them up together. Here are a couple of tutorials we’ve come across that bring bingo and knitting together.

Bingo Jacket – A bingo jacket is the unofficial uniform of bingo-playing grandmas the world over. Of course, you don’t need to be a card-carrying senior citizen to rock one. You can make one yourself thanks to a downloadable tutorial from Love of Knitting.

Screenshot 2014-01-27 at 1.30.48 PM

Bingo Bag – This is where you put all your bingo equipment so you don’t run the risk of getting dauber ink all over the insides of your fancy bag. Best of all, you can also turn it into a craft or toy bag depending on the situation. Crochet Geek has a great tutorial that includes videos for the more visual knitters out there.


*This is a sponsored guest post by Ashley Adams, she wrote the article for Knittybutton!*

Every heart beats true, for the red, white, and blue!

I got a commissioned order for an American flag crocheted blanket, it turned out a little bigger than I anticipated (Maybe I should do gauge swatches…)




I tried both crocheting and knitting a few star and was really not pleased with how they turned out, so I ended up ordering some felt stars off of Etsy, and sewed them directly onto the finished blanket, and I think it was a lot easier that way (And I did want it to have all 50 stars, which would have been a LOT more crocheting!!



And yes, I know, it’s supposed to have 13 stripes, oops!


Yoda Doll

I had a request for a Yoda doll, that was a fun one to make- a but more complex than most of my knit creatures, but I found that crochet might work better for the texture of his face.





It was definitely a fun challenge, though!

I am way behind on posting projects, but a lot of them are Christmas gifts, and need to wait until after Christmas to post them, cuz I’m pretty sure my family would see it if I posted it on here!

We just got a fresh batch of snow here, Sam is not a big fan of the snow- He is pretty sure that it’s out to get him! He looks outside and says “Mama, the snow.. it’s ew.” Sometimes I agree, although it’s awfully pretty outside right now!




So instead we just hang out inside, listening to music, wearing our bear hat and talking on our albuterol phone.




(Yes, he is really convinced my empty old albuterol inhaler is a phone, also, my Chromebook is trying to tell me that albuterol is not a word, and that it should say Butterball instead. So that’s fun.)



Cabbage Patch Hat

I had someone request a Cabbage Patch Doll Hat for their daughter for Halloween, so I got to test my hand at crocheting again. I don’t do it very often, so it’s always a fun challenge when I do.

Sam was less than thrilled at the result, but I couldn’t resist snapping some shots anyhow.






Still trying to catch up on all of my Halloween orders. Sock monkeys are still being cranked out. Currently working on a pink one (SO FUN) as well as working on a collaboration with Canon Press for their Christmas Catalog! How cool is that?

Headband, with a better flower.

So, this was the headband I made for the Giveaway winner, but I figured out how to make a better flower for the headbands!

My crochet skills are totally lacking, so I am happy to have (finally) figured it out!

Now I am thinking that I need to open up the wrapped ones that I am giving away as Christmas presents and make new flowers for them…