Yoda Doll

I had a request for a Yoda doll, that was a fun one to make- a but more complex than most of my knit creatures, but I found that crochet might work better for the texture of his face.





It was definitely a fun challenge, though!

I am way behind on posting projects, but a lot of them are Christmas gifts, and need to wait until after Christmas to post them, cuz I’m pretty sure my family would see it if I posted it on here!

We just got a fresh batch of snow here, Sam is not a big fan of the snow- He is pretty sure that it’s out to get him! He looks outside and says “Mama, the snow.. it’s ew.” Sometimes I agree, although it’s awfully pretty outside right now!




So instead we just hang out inside, listening to music, wearing our bear hat and talking on our albuterol phone.




(Yes, he is really convinced my empty old albuterol inhaler is a phone, also, my Chromebook is trying to tell me that albuterol is not a word, and that it should say Butterball instead. So that’s fun.)




4 thoughts on “Yoda Doll

  1. I love the crochet Yoda! My family is a big star wars fan, any chance you’ll be posting the pattern? I like to knit (made your viking hat) but crocheting is my first craft of choice above all else. I understand all who don’t like crocheting as much as they like knitting (or another hobby); I used to HATE knitting because I just couldn’t get the purl stitch to look right. Turns out I was doing the knit stitch wrong not the purl :).

    I’m glad your getting snow! Here down in the south of north America we haven’t got any thing. Its only Tennessee right ;)? I don’t know why I continuously hope for it, after all it’s *down south :).
    Best of wishes,

  2. Thanks so much for the link Ali! I will be making him as soon as my load of knitting for Christmas goes down. Just out of idle curiosity, how big is your Yoda?

  3. He is about 12-13 inches tall, I think. I already shipped him off to his new home, so I can’t measure, but I think he was about a foot. πŸ™‚

    On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 12:10 PM, Knittybutt

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