Baby Shower!

When I was in Tacoma my lovely cousin Sarah threw me a baby shower. For those of you who don’t know, Sarah is a master party planner. Seriously, she can throw a party like nobody’s business. She did an amazing job and we had such a good time!

She added just the cutest little details!

Notice the cute handsewn elephants hanging all over? She made them as party favors and everyone got to take one home and she made me a mobile with them as well! So adorable!

Me and my highschool besties! (R-L: Hilary, Me, Autumn, Charissa)


And yummy, yummy food!

Togglebuttons and I were supremely blessed by gifts. I can’t wait to decorate the nursery with all of my new presents!


2 thoughts on “Baby Shower!

  1. I loved the elephants! They’re adorable and so well made. And those were such delicious rice krispies! Mmm.

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