Apple Picking

This past weekend we went apple picking with some good friends. Sam wasn’t terribly interested in the apples, but was pretty much in love with the tractors.







DSC_0080 DSC_0055

DSC_0046 DSC_0042


We’re planning on making some apple butter with the delicious apples we picked, and maybe some fruit leather as well, if we have enough apples! And, my sisters and niece and nephew are coming out tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited to see them! We’re planning trips to the Farmers Market, seeing the Homecoming parade downtown and a few other fun things. I can’t wait to see them, and I love how much fun Sam has with his cousins.

And happy HAPPY news, I’ve made it to 12 weeks with this little TizzyTong! I am thrilled. I got to hear the heartbeat yesterday at my midwife appointment, and all is looking great. We are beyond thrilled that we’ve made it this far, and praying for a healthy and full-term pregnancy!


Stolen Flowers

So, we’ve got a few abandoned apartment buildings in our complex. We call them the Chernobyl apartments because they’re completely desolate, empty and boarded up. It’s kind of creepy, there’s these empty playgrounds that have that yellow “Caution” tape all around them. Anyway, several of them have these wildflower/weeds growing around them, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to grab a few of them since these apartments are so hidden and no one else was enjoying them.

Anyone have any idea what these flowers are? (Thanks, Lyn! They’re Columbines, for those of you who wanna know!)

I am pretty sure these are just weeds, but they looked cool.

They reminded me of snowflakes!

They add a nice little pop of color to my kitchen!

Also, wanna see how big Togglebuttons is getting?

Whew! 30 weeks and a few days. He’s getting really big in there. He’s decided that his favorite place to be is curled up in a ball right up on the right side of my ribcage, and then once he’s up there he likes to dance around and poke me with his tiny little fists and kick my stomach with his itty bitty feet. Yesterday he did such a ridiculous somersault in my belly that he actually made me throw up! It felt like he was launching off of my stomach and it was like being punched in the stomach REALLY hard.  But other than that, all is going well! He’s over 3 pounds now (whoa!) and as active as can be. 10 more weeks (give or take a few weeks…) We can’t wait to meet you, little boy!

Does This Make Me A Bad Person?

So, there’s this big peony bush outside some empty apartment building in our neighborhood. Every day I walk past it, and admire the beautiful flowers. But some of them were getting so heavy that they were just laying on the ground. So today, I went on a secret mission and snipped off a few of it’s beautiful blossoms and brought them into my kitchen.

I feel kind of bad about stealing them, and then I look at how nicely they decorate my kitchen, and then I don’t feel so bad.

Have a lovely weekend. (It’s supposed to rain all weekend here. Boo)

Spring Is In the Air!

Whew! Finally got caught up on the housework today. Well, at least the downstairs is clean. The laundry still needs to be folded, but hey, that’s a job for another day, right? I am trying not to overdo it this week, since I’m working a LOT. (Tomorrow I’m working from 9am to 9pm…cringe.) But today the sun was shining and it was positively spring-like! I loved it.

My inlaws got this for me when I was sick. Isn’t it so pretty? And my whole kitchen smells awwwwesome because of it. Purple tulips! Tiny daffodils! Cheery pink primroses! Delicious smelling white Hyacinths!

I’ve added a few small succulents to the garden since I last posted a picture. We got them at RiteAid of all places… but I love my little garden and am proud that I haven’t killed them all off yet. The yellow tulips in the white vase are fake, though. I got them at work because my kitchen needed some cheer a few weeks back when everything was looking really dreary and it just KEPT. ON. SNOWING. But I think it might be done with all that yuckiness. We’ll see.

And even though it’s a terrible picture, here is the bump at 16 1/2 weeks.

It’s actually a little smaller than last week. I lost a bunch of weight when I was sick last week, and so now I actually weigh 3 pounds less than I did when I got pregnant. I am sure I’ll gain it back in no time.

Alright, I am going to continue to try to be productive and make some dinner!

A few things…

First! It was such a beautiful day here in Moscow.

(taken from my front porch about 7:30 this morning)

Second! My cactus is in full bloom! I am so excited about this, guys.

Third! I am attempting to redo that fail of a hat I made yesterday. Hm. Well, I’ll let ya’ll know how this one turns out.


Christmas Cactus

Our Christmas cactus is almost blooming! I am so excited. I was disappointed last winter when it didn’t bloom like we were told it would.

I don’t know how long it’ll be til it opens up, but I hoping that the blossom sticks around for a while. My table is very green, so that pop of hot pink is very eyecatching!


Made pesto this evening.

Love. love. love pesto.

Love making pesto pizza, pesto chicken, pesto pasta… oh, we love pesto.

My only wish is that I had a bigger Cuisinart. But this one does just fine, just small batches.

Also, a little tip I learned… don’t waste your precious money on pine nuts. Yes, they are delicious, but since they are so pricey I substitute walnuts and nobody even notices. Yum.


So, my sisters Erika and Heidi, my mom, Ezra and my brothers girlfriend Cynthia got to come hang out this weekend. And it was awesome. It was a less-than-24 hour trip, but I enjoyed it so much!

My nephew is a lot of fun to hang out with.

We went to the Farmers market, The Storm Cellar, and made pizza.

I got two HUGE bunches of basil! They were only $3.oo a bunch, so I got all they had, planning on making some killer pesto tomorrow.

And I had to move all of my succulents inside since it is getting really cold out at night here. But as of right now I have nowhere to put them, so they, too, are on the kitchen table.

It’s getting a bit crowded in there.

And, just because I can, here is a parting shot of my nephew eating the pizza we made for lunner (lunch/dinner).

Indoor Plants

Since the weather is rapidly getting colder, I am wondering what I am going to do with all my succulents.

They can’t really fend for themselves under 3 feet of snow this winter. So I was thinking about some kind of table near my window, so they can still get a little bit of light. I am loving the pictures below… I might need to go thrifting sometime soon to get a hold of a cool table.

Pics via Design Sponge & Lonny Magazine

Succulent Update

Oh, I do love my Saturdays. They are usually pretty productive and fun.

I’ve added a few to my succulent garden! I got a another Jade tree.

I also got something called a Guido Aloe? Strange, but pretty. (It’s the one on the far left)

It’s got these orange blossoms on the shoots coming out the top, which were too tall to make it into the picture. The shoots coming out of the top are like 2 feet tall.

So, here is my garden!

Hooray. I love my little porch. It’s so nice to sit out on our bench and look at my lovely succulents.

And just a picture of my last weeks bouquet, but I took out all the dead flowers and rearranged all the ones that were still alive.