Stolen Flowers

So, we’ve got a few abandoned apartment buildings in our complex. We call them the Chernobyl apartments because they’re completely desolate, empty and boarded up. It’s kind of creepy, there’s these empty playgrounds that have that yellow “Caution” tape all around them. Anyway, several of them have these wildflower/weeds growing around them, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to grab a few of them since these apartments are so hidden and no one else was enjoying them.

Anyone have any idea what these flowers are? (Thanks, Lyn! They’re Columbines, for those of you who wanna know!)

I am pretty sure these are just weeds, but they looked cool.

They reminded me of snowflakes!

They add a nice little pop of color to my kitchen!

Also, wanna see how big Togglebuttons is getting?

Whew! 30 weeks and a few days. He’s getting really big in there. He’s decided that his favorite place to be is curled up in a ball right up on the right side of my ribcage, and then once he’s up there he likes to dance around and poke me with his tiny little fists and kick my stomach with his itty bitty feet. Yesterday he did such a ridiculous somersault in my belly that he actually made me throw up! It felt like he was launching off of my stomach and it was like being punched in the stomach REALLY hard.  But other than that, all is going well! He’s over 3 pounds now (whoa!) and as active as can be. 10 more weeks (give or take a few weeks…) We can’t wait to meet you, little boy!


3 thoughts on “Stolen Flowers

  1. I love that in the Pacific Northwest even the weeds are pretty! The white ones are Nigella (I think) and Queen Anne’s Lace (a.k.a. wild carrot).

  2. Yep, Ali, it’s Nigella, or Love-in-a-Mist (but I like to call them Nigella, because she is, after all, the Domestic Godess!). 🙂

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