Bear Hat

So I made a little hat for Togglebuttons. It’s a bear hat. I think it’s pretty cute.

Paul suggested that I add cream or light pink on the inside of the ears to make it a little more ‘bear’ like. What do you think? Add that or leave it as-is?

And, as always, my canister does a great job modeling the hat! (Goodness, I can’t wait until I have a real baby to model these things on!)


7 thoughts on “Bear Hat

  1. I like it just fine the way it is, I’m sure little Togglebuttons can bear it if there’s no pink flesh/wool in the bear ears. Sorry, couldn’t stop that horrible pun from being typed 😉

  2. I like it how it is, its just as cute with or without the added color. Its up to you tho, Togglebuttons will look adorable in it either way.

  3. Leave it. It matches the sweater I am making Ezra! Maybe you can make a toddler version and they can matchy matchy. can’t wait for e to meet him, he LOVES babies.

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