Bear Hat

So I made a little hat for Togglebuttons. It’s a bear hat. I think it’s pretty cute.

Paul suggested that I add cream or light pink on the inside of the ears to make it a little more ‘bear’ like. What do you think? Add that or leave it as-is?

And, as always, my canister does a great job modeling the hat! (Goodness, I can’t wait until I have a real baby to model these things on!)

7 thoughts on “Bear Hat

  1. I like it just fine the way it is, I’m sure little Togglebuttons can bear it if there’s no pink flesh/wool in the bear ears. Sorry, couldn’t stop that horrible pun from being typed πŸ˜‰

  2. Leave it. It matches the sweater I am making Ezra! Maybe you can make a toddler version and they can matchy matchy. can’t wait for e to meet him, he LOVES babies.

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