31 Weeks, 2 days

61 days until my due date. Whoa, that kind of snuck up on me.

31 weeks! He’s about 3 and a half pounds now, and I’ve gained a total of 9 pounds. Feeling pretty huge these days, and it’s getting really hot here.Getting lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and now a lot of back pain. Not like I didn’t expect the back pain part, but hey, it held out pretty well for the first 30 weeks!

This is my 4th of July outfit. I’ve got the red, white and blue represented, although I didn’t really have any red clothes (at least none that fit right now), but I did have a red button bobby-pin for my hair. I wish I was at Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Tom’s today with the rest of my extended family enjoying the water and fireworks, but I guess Northern Idaho is ok, too. There is a fireworks show in Pullman this evening that we might try to hit up, if I don’t fall asleep before they start.

Today I washed a load of baby clothes. Oh my WORD. I can’t believe that I’m washing baby clothes already! I got a big garbage bag full of baby boy clothes at a garage sale for FREE! (woo!) and a bag of clothes from my mom, a bag of clothes from my sister, plus several hand-me-down outfits from friends already, so this little boy already has more clothes than he needs for the first six months of his life. Plus, we’ve already got a swing, crib, a stroller, carseat AND another awesome thing that I got at the garage sale (also free) was a stroller, but without the seat in it, but you can click your regular carseat in it, so that will be super helpful for the first few months so I won’t have to wake him up and get him out of the carseat if I want to use the stroller. I’m going to try to get the crib set up today, just because I am anxious to see how it all looks in the bedroom.

Hope you all have a happy Independence Day!


6 thoughts on “31 Weeks, 2 days

  1. It was a friend of mine that when her garage sale was done just wanted to get rid of everything she had there and told me to just take what I wanted! It was awesome!

  2. Wow that is awesome about the free stuff! That can always be a good thing. You look great for having only 9wks left to go! Just think in 9more weeks all I have gone thru will def be worth it all!! The last pic is so cute of the baby. Wish you the best of luck the last 9wks of your pregnancy!!

  3. Wow, I remember when I was first following you and you barely had a baby bump! It does go faster than you think. What’s your due date? I had my eldest on August 8th, and that summer heat was a bear! Wishing you all the best in health & happiness!

  4. You look so cute and vibrant! Love it.

    You have to promise to make Togglebuttons a turtle outfit!!!

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