Togglebuttons Cabled Jacket: Finito!

Ok, so that’s a bit of a lie. I haven’t sewn on buttons yet, because I need some input from you guys on that. BUT! Without further ado, here it is!

Turned out alright, yeah?

See my favoritest part? Where the cable goes ALL around the hood? I LOVE that part.

The back! I almost wish I had done the two middle cables going up the back of the hood, but it’s too late for that and I am definitely not taking it back out again.

Closeup of the back cables.

Ok- so where is where I need your help! What kind of buttons would you guys put on this? I am thinking wooden ones, since I think it might be hard to match the orangy/rusty color of the sweater. OR, would you go for a contrasting color? If so, what color? I think the only thing I KNOW I don’t want is black, that would make it sort of Halloween-y, which I definitely want to avoid. What do you think?

11 thoughts on “Togglebuttons Cabled Jacket: Finito!

  1. Wood!

    Oh, Ali, it’s lovely.

    I’m not really sure what color it is though… More orange or more red?

  2. Medium or dark brown wood buttons (toggle?) are my suggestion. This is truly impressive. I am still making baby steps…I just cast on the Debbie Bliss shawl collar cardigan that you’ve made up a couple of times. I hope mine looks as good as yours. πŸ™‚

  3. How about some little figures — you can find some adorable buttons for babies & kids… maybe little sheep, or some other whimsical thing that catches your eye.

  4. Ali, I love this sweater. The color will be so fun for fall. I am working on a sweater for Owen, but it will not look near a nice. I think wood buttons would look nice for this one.

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