Made pesto this evening.

Love. love. love pesto.

Love making pesto pizza, pesto chicken, pesto pasta… oh, we love pesto.

My only wish is that I had a bigger Cuisinart. But this one does just fine, just small batches.

Also, a little tip I learned… don’t waste your precious money on pine nuts. Yes, they are delicious, but since they are so pricey I substitute walnuts and nobody even notices. Yum.


3 thoughts on “Pesto

  1. One thing I did with all my many batches of pesto made over the summer was to freeze the pesto in ice cube trays, so I can pull out just what I need, say for pizza. Works great! I have also frozen regular red sauce for pizza,in the same way, so on pizza night we can have a pesto pizza and a “regular” tomato sauce pizza. I LOVE pesto, and its really so simple to make.

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