Does This Make Me A Bad Person?

So, there’s this big peony bush outside some empty apartment building in our neighborhood. Every day I walk past it, and admire the beautiful flowers. But some of them were getting so heavy that they were just laying on the ground. So today, I went on a secret mission and snipped off a few of it’s beautiful blossoms and brought them into my kitchen.

I feel kind of bad about stealing them, and then I look at how nicely they decorate my kitchen, and then I don’t feel so bad.

Have a lovely weekend. (It’s supposed to rain all weekend here. Boo)


5 thoughts on “Does This Make Me A Bad Person?

  1. That gives me an idea concerning the pear tree down the street. Every year I walk by and watch all the pears fallen from the tree and rotting on the ground. Sheesh. This year they shall rot no more!

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