Cabled Baby Jacket for Togglebuttons

Since I finished my Butternut Aidez I’ve been wanting another somewhat challenging project. I know now that I am not going to be satisfied by just making plain knits- oh, no- now it’s going to be all about the fancy stitches and cables. So naturally I went looking for another ridiculous and challenging project. Remember my Birthday Yarn post? Well, I had three skeins of the Cascade 220 Sport in Pumpkin and I thought this would just be a perfect use for it.

I am making this jacket (Picture property of

Buuut, of course I am making my own changes and things to it. First off I am knitting it in the round, because you all know seaming is my least favorite thing in the whole wide world.

So, you wanna see what I have done so far?

It’s a lovely pattern called so beautifully “B17-2.” Yeah, whoever works at Drops really isn’t so creative with the title of the names.

Despite their creative abilities at naming, they are still a great pattern writers and it’s coming along nicely.

Here is the pattern link if anyone wants it!


3 thoughts on “Cabled Baby Jacket for Togglebuttons

  1. It’s knit in the round, so that is the two front panels and the back panel all together, so it’s really not very big. That whole thing is maybe 16 inches around?

  2. .said…….oh my word its beautiful!i wish i were that good i am in the process of making my first one for my sister very basic just decreasing at the end of each row.

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