Abbey Road

This morning I was drinking my coffee out of my most favorite mug ever which I bought in London in 2009, which magically got home unbroken. I’m quite amazed.

And it made me think of all of the good times with my besties, Autumn and Charissa.

I wish we had time to get a better picture of us crossing the street, but you know, it’s a real road with real traffic, and the people that are none-too-pleased to have to be stopped by tourists 24-7.  (Wanna kill some time? Check out this website and watch people almost get hit by cars ALL DAY LONG)

We even signed the wall (next to the person who apparently lives in a ‘Yellow Suberine”)

In case you can’t read it, the street sign behind us says “Abbey Road NW8, City of Westminster”, just like my mug.


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