Bad week to be my car…

So, long story short, I crashed my van last night. Slid on some ice into oncoming traffic and hit a Ford F-250 head on. I was the only one in my car, and the person I hit was completely unharmed and walked away fine. I spent the evening at the hospital being x-ray’d because my hand was pretty badly swollen and I had a lot of swelling in my legs and some bad bruises. Turns out, no fractures (yay!) and just some deep bone bruises on both of my shins, my left hip, my left forearm and a bad sprain of my left hand and pinky finger. I am on “light duty” for now (ie no picking up Sam until Monday at the earliest) and trying to lay low until I have to go back to work on Monday.

car 004


car 003

car 005

My beautiful new van is completely totaled. But I guess we know where our tax return is going to… But I am in pretty sad shape right now, pretty banged up and lots of bad bruises, but after seeing the car (and the bank that I slide down) I am very lucky to be walking right now. If the car had gone another two feet farther down I would have been underwater in a lake!

Then later this evening Paul’s window broke in his car, so now we have two undriveable cars (mine is already at the scrap yard now) and we dont know when we can get that fixed..hopefully this week. But that was just the cherry on the top of today.

But we have been so blessed already, we’ve had lots of people bringing meals and even some fun little visitors today who helped out with Sam since I couldn’t lift him. Jessi and Carlie came over with their little ones and changed diapers, dressed Sam, made us both food and cleaned my house for me! Doesn’t get much better than that, being waited on hand and foot!Β So now I am just relaxing and resting and having a Harry Potter Marathon with Paul. Couldnt think of a better way to spend my weekend anyhow!



4 thoughts on “Bad week to be my car…

  1. Praising God that you weren’t hurt any more than you were! Cars are just material things…YOU are the one that matters. Rest, lay low and be happy!! ❀

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