Life lately.

Life, man. Sometimes it takes over and it’s all you can do to keep your head above water. That’s been January for us. My car is totaled and we need to wait until we get our tax return to buy a new one, and turns out the door of our other car is going to cost almost a thousand dollars to fix instead of like 200, like we initially thought. Luckily a friend from work is able to give me a ride to and from work every day- which is amazing and super helpful and Pauls dad is letting us borrow his car until we get our other car back from the shop.

It’s hard being away from Sam so much. I’m really not used to it yet, and it seems very strange to me that I have to spend so much of my day without him, especially since he goes to bed early in the evenings still. But I know he has a blast with his babysitter and her son who is the same age as Sam. He’s gotten a lot less clingy since he’s started going to the sitters, which has been nice for all of us! His health problems seem to be winding down as well. No phantom fevers in two months (YAY) and only a few minor rashes, all of which have been fairly easy to clear up! He is still sleeping poorly, but we’re not sure if he’s teething or a growth spurt or what, but he hasn’t been a happy camper at night recently.

Work is going well. I’m in final testing, which means that I take electrical relays and I hook them up to computers and run tests on them to make sure they are running the way they are supposed to. Β It’s pretty interesting work and I can listen to my iPod while I work which is great. It was a bit hard after the accident because it’s all standing, which was kind of hard when my ankle looked like this.

bryuse2 007

Most of my bruising is gone now, but the lovely green and yellowish tinge on both of my shins and my hip. It’s kind of gross looking- but feels a lot better than it did a week ago! I’ve been seeing a chiropractor as well, which has helped unlock my neck, but my hips are still pretty out of whack. Luckily my rods didn’t break and there was no real damage to my spinal fusion. Unfortunately the top two vertebrae (the only two of the top that aren’t fused) took the brunt of the movement and locked up pretty badly. It’s going to take a bit more chiropractic work to get them back in position, as well as possibly some physical therapy for my hips.

I’ve got a few more projects Im working on that will get their way onto the blog sometime this week. Mostly just hats, but also working on a baby blanket for a darling little baby Hugh! Hopefully I’ll get into the swing of life again in February and posting won’t be too sporadic and maybe I’ll get some actual knitting done!



3 thoughts on “Life lately.

  1. 😦 I hope everything is getting better Ali, I’ve missed your posts and I will pray for you. #God Bless You!!! πŸ™‚

  2. I know what you mean with needing PT for your hips.. I have a PT fellow who is orthopedically trained, and it’s made a world of difference (back injury, weak left side). Keep the green side up πŸ™‚

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