Photo Friday.

Just a few snapshots from around the house today. It’s quiet in here right now, Sam is down for his afternoon nap, I’m sitting drinking some coffee, and the house is mostly clean.








DSC_0126 I’m trying to take advantage of the quiet that nap time brings, knowing full well that in 80 days (give or take a few) we’ll have another little person around here who probably won’t be napping at the same time and my free-time will be significantly shorter than it is now.

I’m feeling mostly prepared. She has some clothing, a bed, diapers, swaddling blankets, so I guess we’re just about set. We still have all of Sam’s newborn stuff in the garage (swing, toys, etc) and I’ve been working on a few sweaters, since it’ll still be fairly chilly upon her arrival, but I am ready to do this thing! Sleep is becoming difficult, tossing and turning a lot at night trying to find a comfortable position, but she is really active from about 4-6am.

But since the house is so nice and quiet for now, I think I’ll lay myself down and see if I can sneak in a little catnap, while the sun is streaming in through the windows!


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