Puerperium Cardigan


I have a few small items ready for this little girl, just finished finding the perfect buttons and weaving in ends. This is the Puerperium cardigan that I am absolutely in love with.



I made it with Knit Picks City Tweed, which is deliciously soft (It’s a merino/alpaca blend!). The colors are kitten (white) and orca (gray) in their DK weight- and a plus, it took just barely over one skein of the gray, and just a very tiny bit of the white for this cardigan, which made it pretty affordable, since I took MAJOR advantage of their huge sale a few weeks back when the yarn was on sale for $2.99!

I can’t wait to wrap up my baby girl in this adorable cardigan. I have extra yarn, so if it’s still very cold when she is born I can always add longer sleeves, but I figure as an April baby she’ll the weather will be warming up within a month or two, (hopefully, although this is Idaho, and sometimes it snows in June.) so a sleeveless cardigan would be the way to go.
Raveled here.

I’m getting so anxious to meet her. We’re just a little past 28 weeks, and feeling pretty good. This has been my least “barfy” month of pregnancy ever, so that’s super exciting! And, as you can see below, I am rounding out quite nicely. No real weight gain yet (but I did gain back what I lost in the first trimester, so that’s good!) I’m measuring a few weeks ahead, but that’s not unusual for second babies.


DSC_0103Got to go to the chiropractor this morning and get an adjustment, which has made a HUGE difference in my hips. Due to my spinal fusion my hips definitely take the brunt of pregnancy more than my back, but it’s all just sort of messed up back there- but I had a great adjustment today and am feeling better than I’ve ever felt during any of my pregnancies. It’s nothing short of a miracle!

So here we are in the home stretch, trying to gather and prepare everything for birth and hoping for a less-stressful event this time around. We’re attempting a home birth, we have a wonderful midwife and doula lined up and I am very excited to be attempting a water birth. Now we just have to figure out which tub to get and buy some supplies and birth kits and finish nesting and get this house ready for a new baby!




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