Heidi’s Christmas Hats


My younger sister Heidi chopped off her hair this winter, and since I drew her name for Christmas I thought I’d help her insulate her head a little bit, since it was bound to be chilly without much hair left! I couldn’t decide on one type of hat, so I made her a few different kinds. This is  my Lemon Grass Hat pattern, made with some grey Thick n Quick (Lion Brand), which is a good ultra-quick, super-toasty kind of hat. Knits up fast on large needles with bulky yarn- so if you need a last minute gift, this hat is a great quick knit to whip up in an evening or two.


OK- so I know this weird snood/hood thing is really weird. I tried to replicate something I saw she had pinned on Pinterest, but there was no pattern for it, so I just decided to wing it. Um, yeah. So, I know it’s ridiculous looking, but kudos to Heidi for being a willing participant to model my silly creations, whether or not they actually work out. I ended up giving it to her even though I know she won’t wear it, just because I thought it was kind of hilarious looking and  just funny- so, here ya go. This is made of some unknown yarn that was in my stash, but said 100% wool.

Here is my Lemon Curd Slouch pattern, made with KnitPicks City Tweed, DK weight, color is Blue Blood. I’ve gushed about how much I love the City Tweed before, it’s seriously the perfect yarn for just about everything. The merino/alpaca blend is so deliciously soft and wonderful. Mmm. Yes.  And you get a bonus little photo bomb from my nephew Ezra in the background!




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