Go Vikings!

I have a friend who lives in the frigid tundra of Minnesota, and wanted a Vikings hat. I made sure to make it nice and thick and warm since, well, it’s very cold there! (Makes Idaho look like the tropics.)


DSC_0020I was home alone when taking these pictures, and couldn’t quite get the ‘selfie’ shot down, so you don’t get to see it on an actual person, but instead get to see my handy vase modeling it for you. Also because I was probably still in pajamas and with my hair not done, but ya know, whatever,I’m 7 months pregnant, I do what I want! Ahem, anyhow- Go Vikings!

And I also wanted to add a thank you to my readers who are putting up with my sponsored posts and the video ads at the bottom of the posts- they help me keep the patterns free while keeping the blog profitable. So thanks for that, I appreciate my readers and commenters immensely!



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