Lemon Curd Slouch

This is the Lemon Curd Slouch Hat!

I pulled it out a bit in the back so you can see all the cable detailing. Cabling while decreasing is more complicated than it seems it would be.

Big thanks to Paul for being a good photographer. It’s so hard to take pictures of a hat on yourself.

I’ll  write down the pattern I made up for this hat. For some reason with every pattern I tried on this hat I couldn’t get it to be quite right, but I’m happy with this one!


1 skein Knit Picks, City Tweed HW in Lemon Curd

6.0mm DPN’s

Cast on 80 stitches

Row 1: K1 P1* rep to end
Rows 2-9: same as row 1
Row 10: Knit all the way around, while evenly increasing to 117 stitches (I did K2 M1 until the last 6 stitches and just knit the last 6 of this row)
Row 11-16: Knit 6, purl 3 *rep to end
Row 17: Pull 3 stitches onto cable needle then pull to front, knit 3, then knit the stitches on cable needle, purl 3*rep to end
Repeat rows 11-17 five times
Decrease Row 1: K6, P2T, P1* Rep to end
Decrease row 2: K6, P2T,* rep to end
Decrease row 3: K2T, K4,P1 *Rep to end
Decrease row 4: K3, K2T, P1* Rep to end
Decrease row 5: K2T, K 2, P1* Rep to end
Decrease row 6: K1, K2T, P1 *Rep to end
Cut yarn, leaving a long tail (several inches long), pull tail through all remaining stitches, pull tight, weave in ends.


P.S. All of you who are wondering where the pattern from the mittens came from, THIS IS THE LINK TO THE MITTENS, unfortunately it’s not my pattern (I only say unfortunately because it’s a gorgeous pattern and I think the writer did a phenomenal job on these mittens, they’re absolutely beautiful!) and also I get asked about once a day where this pattern came from, so CLICK ON THIS LINK and it’ll take you to Subliminal Rabbit’s blog where she has graciously offered the pattern for free!


106 thoughts on “Lemon Curd Slouch

  1. Ali, this is beautiful! It may just be the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever made? I’d kinda have to see it in person, I guess, to make that decision. But oh!

    I can’t imagine decreasing cables. But it turned out perfectly!

    Also, that lime green background is awesome.

  2. Ali, this is beautiful! It may just be the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever made? I’d kinda have to see it in person, I guess, to make that decision. But oh!

    I can’t imagine decreasing cables. But it turned out perfectly!

    Also, that lime green background is awesome.

  3. This is a gorgeous hat. I’m trying to knit it at the moment. You say to repeat rows 10-16 six times, is row 17 ever repeated? Thanks:)

  4. Thanks so much. I just finished making it. It seems like i made a mistake though since i never repeated row 10. I just did row 11-16:( But it still looks good. Thank you so much for the pattern. It’s beautiful:)

  5. Hi!

    When you say repeat rows 10-17 – I’m assuming you don’t keep increasing? Like, you should just increase the once, and then knit around the rest of the repeats?


  6. Molly,
    My mistake! this is why I need you guys to test pattern for me! Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve fixed the pattern!!!

  7. I can’t wait to make this. It’s so cute.

    @Cheryl – I could be mistaken (I’m new to knitting), but I’m pretty sure the T is for “together”. You’re supposed to knit 2 from one needle into 1 on the other at one time so that you’re decreasing the number of stitches on the needle. I hope that makes sense

  8. KPG,
    Unfortunately I don’t know. I don’t really use circular needles. That being said, I can’t imagine it would be a big issue, you would still increase and decrease at the same places, it might get kind of hard nearing the top of the hat when you aren’t working with a whole lot of stitches, but if you use the magic loop method it should work out just fine.

  9. I just finished making this. It was my first knitted hat and my first project using cables! I used a different yarn (RHSS Cherry Red), but I still like the way it turned out. (Re: KPG’s question, I did mine in the round on size 10 circulars up until the point where it got too small after the decreases, then I switched to dpns. With 8 stitches left on the dpns, I threaded the yarn through those stitches, removed the needles, pulled the yarn tight, & weaved the ends in.)

    Next, I think I’ll try the Lemon Curd scarf.

  10. Hey,

    I absolutely Looooove this hat – its adorable! All my friends will be getting slouch hats for Christmas this year 😉

    KPG, I’ve knit the hat on circular needles. I had to start on separate ones so as not to over-stretch it, but once I increased to the full 117 stitches, it worked just fine. In fact, I found it to be much quicker than when using 4 needles.

    Thanks for the pattern!


  11. I do have to agrre with everyone – this hat is just adorable!
    Thank you so much for sharing your pattern, I’m trying to knit it right now, and it’s a pity I don’t really get ahead with it, but I – for some reason 😉 – am knitting a cardigan for a friend of mine and I’m busy finishing it until christmas.
    Anyway, I find that if you cast on 78 instead of 80 stiches you can increase evenly every other stitch.
    (I hope this was helpful)

  12. Hi – thank you for the pattern. How many stitches per inch did you get for this pattern. I have such trouble with guage!
    Thank you

  13. Anne, I am sorry, but I actually have no idea! That hat was already sold and I no longer have access to it to measure it. If you are on Ravelry maybe check to see if someone who has made it on there has the measurements? If I make another one I will definitely check to figure out the gauge, it was just one of those things I didn’t think about before I sold the hat!

  14. I’ve started one using the needle size from your pattern. I’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks for the reply.

  15. I do not know how I didn’t see this pattern here before.
    I’ve been thinking about asking you for it – to thank you! And thank goodness i opened my eyes so I don’t feel dumb 🙂

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  17. I love this hat, it’s super cute! I want to try to make one myself, but I’m new to knitting hats and I don’t understand how the decrease works. Do I decrease while I’m repeating rows 11-17?

  18. I do not have the yarn you are talking about, using a chunky yard, it looks ok, is that what knit picks is??

  19. No, The City Tweed is a worsted weight yarn. I’m not sure what a chunky yarn would look like in this pattern! Be sure to send me a picture of it, I’m curious to see how they look made with other yarns.

  20. i am a new knitter. do i have to use dpn” pls let me know. thanks. if i used circular needles, what size? thanks.

  21. If you read previous comments I think other people have attempted. They would still need to be the same size, regardless of whether or not they were DPN’s or Circular, that wouldn’t change. I’ve never done it on circulars so I don’t know how it would turn out.

  22. Hello Ali! This is REALLY beautiful!!!! I will definitely be making one for myself, but I was wondering if you are alloying this pattern to be made then sold?


  23. do you increase as your knitting all around and when it states mi 1 what does that mean and how thanks rose

  24. Rose Normandy,
    Yes, you would increase as you’re knitting all around. I’m not sure of any other way to do that. As far as M1 it means “Make 1” it’s how you do your increases. There are many knitting how-to sites if you need to know how to “Make 1”. Youtube is also a great learning tool to learn the basics.

  25. I cannot seem to find 6mm. dpns. at the craft stores – what would happen if I used either 5mm. or 7mm. needles, both of which I have.


  26. I used a chunky wool (Homespun) and got about half way through and it was huge!! ripped it all out 😦 Would you suggest using a smaller needle size or less stitches?

  27. Bethany: I’d look on youtube for an explanation, that’s the best way to see how basic cable knitting is done (what I did to teach myself)

  28. A friend of mine called and requested a black hat. I used this pattern to make it for her and she is IN LOVE with it! What a gorgeous pattern. I am about to make one in grey for myself. THANKS!

  29. Okay, I’m so funcused* … do I “repeat rows 11-17 five times” as you state in the pattern, or, “10-17” as you state in your responses?

  30. Ali!
    After the K2 M1 row, do you end up with 116 or 117 stitches? I don’t know how to do the math and I either forgot to M1 or just miscounted…
    Beautiful pattern!

  31. Just finished this! I love it, though I used a chunky yarn and 5mm needles so I figured I wouldn’t need to repeat those rows so many times. I was wrong, but my hat is still a good size to wear; it’s just not slouchy. I’ll probably use this again someday! C:

  32. Hi!
    Great hat! Good straight forward pattern. Good Job. For my hat I used the K2T on the right hand side of the decrease, and then did SSK on the left side decreaseto have the cable lean towards each other while coming together.

  33. Hi! Beautiful hat!

    I’m halfway through making the hat now and just want to confirm that I am following the pattern correctly. Are rows 11-17 knitted five or six times in total?

    Thanks so much!

  34. I plan to make this hat! To reduce pages of the pattern, right click on your mouse, look at print preview, figure out how many pages of it you want to print and then change the page numbers in the last box that comes up before you actually press ok. There is a line called “pages” where you type in 1-4 or whatever. Thanks for this pattern!!!!!!

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  36. Made your Lemon Curd Hat in Vanna’s Choice (Pink). Turned out perfect! Thanks for sharing your patterns, Would like to make a hat out of the pattern you used for the red blanket (cable). I would be alright to start but not on the decreasing, Any suggestions? Would also like your infinity scarf pattern when you choose to share. Thanks. Great working with you!!!! Rita

  37. Love this pattern.

    Row 10 doesn’t get repeated, just rows 11-17, and 16″ circular needles work great (saw these questions on some of the earlier comments). I’m making it with Debra Norville non-pilling acrylic yarn in natural color. Very soft. It doesn’t slouch much yet, but I’m only on the 2nd repeat of the cable.

  38. I just finished this in a grey sock-weight on 16″ circular needles, and the hat came out delightfully airy! Thanks for the pattern.

  39. I just knitted this for my grand daughter, she loves it ! Thanks so much for the pattern.
    Nanagay NZ

  40. I used 5 mm needles and it seems a bit smaller than I wanted. Would you suggest repeating for a 6th time to get the appropriate slouch?

    I wouldn’t suggest 5 mm needles if you are making a hat for bigger heads.

  41. I just finished making this hat and am happy how it turned out but would never make it again following your instructions. I am an experienced knitter and was able to see the mistakes and rip out and reknit to fix them, but it was a frustrating project because of the pattern errors. Please amend your pattern so it won’t happen to others. Thank you.

  42. Instead of ‘T’ to indicate ‘together,’ it may be more helpful to use the more standard abbreviation ‘Tog’- that’s really my only question/problem thus far. . . (:

  43. This is a beautiful hat! I totally understand it being hard to decrease while working a cable. That’s why we have you making the pattern :)! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for sharing this pattern! And if you hadn’t made this pattern free I would not have been able to make the hat since I’m just a kid so… THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  44. Hey could you expand on row 17 please? Are you slipping the stitches or what exactly is going on there? Thanks!

  45. Hi, Megan!
    Just a response to your question about the hat. Row 17 is just explaining how to do a cable. You’re pulling them onto a cable needle, knitting the next three stitches in the pattern, then knitting off of the cable needle, which is how you make a cable.
    If these directions seem unclear I suggest looking at YouTube and seeing how a six stitch cable is made. Once you see it, it’s pretty simple and I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it!

  46. I never did see a gauge listed here. Please indicate the gauge, as I often knit with yarns other than the ones called for in patterns, and need to make sure I’m knitting the right size!

  47. After casting on 80 stitches when do you join? Is this hat knit completely then join after it is done? I am a little confuse. Please let me know. Thank you.

  48. Hi Sarah, I join on the first row, so the whole hat is knit in the round. Hope that helps! Ali Tong Knittybutton.com

    On Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 8:50 PM, Knittybutt

  49. On row 17 the cabling is in front, do you ever pull cabling to the back? Isn’t pulling the cable to the front in one direction only? Please let me know. Thank you

  50. Sarah, just like the instructions say, just do the repeats on 11-17. If you continue to increase you’d end up with an extremely large hat!
    And if you prefer you can pull the cables to the back for row 17, it will change the direction of the cable, so whichever direction you do it just keep it consistent. I prefer mine in the front, it’s easier for me, so that’s the way I do it, but if you prefer to pull them to the back that’s fine as well.

  51. I guess I am not seeing the Purl decreases in the cables ??
    Do you mean that you need to do purl decreases while using the cable needle at the same time ?? It doesn’t read like that in the instructions.

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  53. I made one of these for myself and I got so many complements on it that a made a few more for my sisters. Everyone loves them so much. Thank you for letting this pattern be free. I’m a new knitter and would never have bought a pattern to start out. This has given me great confidence and a gorgeous hat! Thanks so much.

  54. Hi Ali, just curious on the first part of your pattern. Would the first 9 rows be knitted back and forth instead of all the way around? Oh and (if you remember) did you finish the skein when making the hat or did you have a fair amount left over? Regardless, you’ve made a gorgeous piece (and the color is beautiful).

  55. Its like you read my mind! You seem to kknow so much about this, like you rote the book in it or something.
    I think thwt yyou can do with some pics to drkve the message home a little bit, but other thn that, this is great blog.

    An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.

  56. Hello. This is a lovely pattern, would you let me post the translation into Portuguese on my blog? Let me know if it’s ok to you. Bye Bye

  57. This is so cute! I just started making one for a friend, but I’m a beginning knitter so I’m a little confused about some of the instructions….

    When you say “decrease row 1” Do you mean row 11 of 11-17 each time it is repeated? (“Decrease row 2” also meaning row 12 of the repeat, etc.)

    Also, you talk about decreasing cables but I see no explanation of this in the instructions.

    I know this was posted years ago but if anyone has the answer please let me know! Thanks 🙂

  58. I really like this hat pattern. Is there a way I could do this with straight needles?
    Please let me know!


  59. I love this pattern! Okay, I know this is a way old post but, any idea what the gauge on this project is? I’m using a different yarn and am trying my hardest to avoid having to frog it mid-project! Thanks

  60. Hi Ali
    I’ve got leftover wool and the 6.0mm needles from another project. The hat looks beautiful and is easy but can it be done on straight needles?

  61. The pattern looks beautiful! I was just in the middle of trying to make it when i realized my needles were a bit too long. How many centimeters were your needles that you used?

  62. Bonjour, je trouve ce modèle très joli et je vous félicite pour cet ouvrage…. Si je comprends bien, ce bonnet est tricoté en rond. J’ai un problème : je tricote avec des aiguilles droites, et je souhaiterais savoir si les rangs de diminution 1 à 6 peuvent-ils être séparés par des rangs envers ? Dans ce cas, le bonnet serait plus profond… Bonne année

  63. Can you write this pattern for people who prefer straight needles or tell us how to convert this pattern to straight needles?

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