Fall and Leaves

The weather has been stunning so far this fall, clear blue sky and multicolored leaves falling onto our yellow grass. Sam loves to run around in the leaves.


He kept using the pumpkin like a pacifier. A little bit big for that, buddy.

We’ve really been enjoying the cooler weather and be able to play outside at the park without getting sunburns or heatstroke. Also happy to note that we are all healthy again after a nasty bout with the stomach bug, which we unfortunately passed on to Charissa who got to come visit us! And nothing ruins a fun weekend like the stomach flu. Luckily it was a 24 hr bug, so besides having the flu-hangover for a few days afterwards we were back to normal within a day. Sam didn’t get it, which is great- but it’s so hard chasing after a kid who is intent on scaling the walls while you have your head in the toilet.

Yeah, we had to take this toy out of rotation because he kept climbing on it and trying to jump off!

He also likes to be my workout buddy. He loves my 1lb weights.

He’s also started fake laughing, which is HILARIOUS. He feels left out when we’re laughing and he’s not in on the joke, so he chimes in with his “Ha ha!” I love it, and it just makes us laugh even harder. He is such a ham.

As far as knitting goes: ONE MORE Sock Monkey and I am done! Whew. Then to start on my Christmas orders! I will be happy to not knit another Sock Monkey until next Halloween…. Im just hoping people order them sooner rather than waiting until mid September to ask about them! But I’m not complaining- I am so glad to have work and an opportunity to get my knits out there.

Also- for any locals- there are some of my hand knit baby hats now at Hansel and Gretel downtown!





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